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Sikh attitudes to divorce

No description

sidney bray

on 23 November 2012

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Transcript of Sikh attitudes to divorce

Many Sikh's believe this because the human Gurus married and had families and therefore all Sikh's are expected to marry and have families in the example of the Gurus. However gay couples can not have children meaning the are unable to follow Guru teachings. The Gurus and Rahit Maryada say that sex should only take place in marriage and since there are no gay marriages , gay's should not have sex.
Sikh's that believe homosexuality is wrong
also believe it is possible to change
sexual orientation through
prayer. 'Homosexuality is wrong' 'Homosexuality should be accepted' Sikhism is a religion based on peace and acceptance however many Sikh's are split on their views of homosexuality. There is no official view of homosexuality though because it is not mentioned by Guru Granth Shib or the Rahit Maryada. What are Sikh attitudes to homosexuality? Some Sikhs believe that gay's should be accepted and treated equally in society because if it was wrong it would have been banned by the Gurus or Rahit Maryada and since there are no specific rules they should follow the same Sikh rules as heterosexuals which are told to be faithful to one partner. Also, as scientist have discovered that sexual orientation is genetic it is therefore God-given and should be respected by Sikhs .
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