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Music 1946 to 2016

No description

Maddie Burns

on 5 April 2016

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Transcript of Music 1946 to 2016

Music 1946 to 2016
1940's styles
Popular genres in the 1940's were...
Jazz- The US entering WWII created many women bands, because so many men musicians were drafted or enlisted.
Other popular genres were Pop and Country, but weren't as significant as Jazz.
2016's styles
Bebop emerged in the 1940s
Popular genres in 2016 are...
Rap- Was thought to have been started when a Jamaican Immigrant started singing simple beats at parties.
Rock- Used and incorperated many genres of music, including Jazz, to make this style.
Pop- Was dirived by rock and roll.
Country- Roots from ballads, folk songs, and popular songs from the English, Scots, and Irish settlers.
Music in the 1940's was used for many reasons...
To fill the musical void
To entertain the troops- some bands went overseas to play
For concerts- this raised funds for the war
Purposes 2016
Music in 2016 is used for many reasons...
Entertainment- Music is pleasurable to listen to and create, as well as being emotionally gratifying.
Boosts moods-Studies have shown that positive mood management is the number one reason we listen to music. It relaxes us, makes us hopeful, and puts us in the right tone,
Music has many affects on out mood
During the 1940s, people used radios to listen to music. Some radios were the size of car batteries!
Though we do use radios, we have advanced with technology and now have ipods, phones, and more ways to listen to music
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