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Martin Cooper

No description

Hannah Cave

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Martin Cooper

Martin Cooper

What was the phone like?
What did he do?
He invented the first cell phone that could be taken anywhere and didn't have to be connected to a cord.
Who was the cell phone invented for?
The cell phone was invented for Motorola.
They actually had a hard time getting funding from the government for the program.
There were six people working on the program total, but Cooper was the leader.
The Process of the Cell Phone
Cooper and a team off Motorola Officers began working on blueprints of the cell phone in 1964. Nine years later they finally were able to build a prototype (November 1972). In April of 1973 Cooper made the first call on the cell phone on Manhattan Streets.
What impact on society did Cooper make?
Cooper made a big impact on society. If Cooper hadn't created the cell phone, we wouldn't have the phones we do today. Also, Cooper paved the way to technological advances, and for future companies in cell phones. Cooper all together made our life easier thanks to the cell phone.
Cooper's Life
Born: December 26th, 1928 in Chicago, Illinois.

Parents: Arthur and Mary Cooper

Wife: Arlene Cooper

Early Life: His parents said that he was always a strange child, he was always taking things apart and building them back. He was also creating new things.
Illinois Institute of Technology- 1950- Bachelors degree in technology

Went into the Navy where he received his education on submarines and served as a submarine operator during the Korean War.

Illinois Institute of Technology- 1957- Masters degree in Electrical Engineering

Illinois Institute of Technology- 2004- Received an Honorary Doctorate Degree

2 Pounds
13 x 1.75 x 3.5 inches in dimension
Allowed 30 minutes of talk time
Took 10 hours to charge
Cost $3395
How does this relate to self-discipline?
Cooper showed self-discipline in creating the cell phone in many ways. These include never giving up on his dream! Cooper's dream was to create a cell phone, that could be used anywhere. Through many issues like funding, no support and people always saying it couldn't be done Cooper failed to quit. Through the nine years that it took Cooper continued to work. This took a lot of self discipline, but Cooper continued to show it and created a great life for others and himself.
Where is Cooper today?
Today Cooper lives in California, and still continues to support technological advances. He is a board member at Illinois Institute of Technology. He has stated that he looks forward to seeing the advances in technology.

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