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Copy of 02.08 Medieval Europe and Japan: Comparative History - Easte

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Krysta Cady

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Copy of 02.08 Medieval Europe and Japan: Comparative History - Easte

02.08 Comparative History: Eastern and Western: Assessment
The elements of a Japanese bushido are

-courage in battle
-loyalty to shogun or daimyo
-support the arts
-courage in battle
-loyalty to lord
-generosity to feeble
-defend the church
-champion a lady
The elements of a Chivalry are
The elements of a bushido and a chivalry that are still used today are:
Obviously education. Today we all learn school and get an education. We still use kindness toward are neighbor or bordering country. Today, people still support arts. We show loyalty to the government, to our boss, to our house renter, and many other ways to show our loyalty. People today still support the feeble. They have groups to support the homeless, and people from starving. Men today do show their respect toward women.
Your Elements Which culture influenced it? Why is it helpful in today’s world?
Example loyalty to your government The bushido of Japan and the
chivalry of Europe both emphasized strong loyalty to a lord. Strong loyalty to your government promotes involvement in civic and societal issues and promotes a willingness to work together to solve problems.

1. education-bushido
2. kindness-bushido
3. support the arts-bushido
4. champion a lady-chivalry
5. loyalty to lord-chivalry

1. Education is helpful today because without it we would not be able to get jobs and make important discoveries.

2. Kindness is important because it lets our country be at peace with other bordering countries and neighbors.

3. The supporting of arts is important because it gives our country color and identity.

4. Champion of a lady is important because it gives women rights.

5. Loyalty to the government because it involves people in civics and societal issues. It also gives us the opportunity to work together.
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