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Physical Science

No description

Rebecca Novy

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Physical Science

Black Berries
Black berries represent physical science because they are a reproduced food. They collect water and contain nutrients to the fullest. The sun makes there contents worthwhile as they grow fresh black berries.
Infra Red Heat Imagery
This shows body heat created by Infra Red Imagery. It shows physical science by the way it produces the heat in order for the eye to see clearly.
Nerve Conduction
This small device represents physical science because it blocks your nerves from any kind of movement from an electrical current. This feels as if your nerves are vibrating . If spun fast enough you are unable to make any movements.
Flash VS.
Normal Light
Light is a main role in most physical science. In this video you can watch how light changes the look of the water. The movement of the light plays a key part in the making of this interesting science.
Known for there good taste. Chickens are physical science because there cycle of life goes through certain courses compared to the human life. Except through eggs.
A robot is physical science because it has a mind of it's own connected by wires and produced by electricity.
Space ships
Space ships are physical science because they are forces that fly through space.
Jets fly in the air by certain speeds. It takes a lot of work to get a jet going. Jets are hard to make considering the air pressure it pertains to.
The pear tree in front of my house in Oregon.
Chopped up wood.
Trees collect carbon dioxide and reproduce it into oxygen in which we all living things breath. They are used to create various things from paper, furniture, houses, etc. As humans we use trees frequently in our everyday life...we just don't realize it.
Cherry plum and apples graffted on a pear tree trunk.
The forest from a close up.
Black berries that my mom planted.
The world of physical science...
The Willamette River runs through Oregon City. This river is known for it generating electricity throughout different areas using water contained from the river. This is physical science because it shows how electricity can be produced using water.
Willamette River
I was unable to take a photo due to the light. So instead I videotaped it so you can have a better view of what the light does to the water.
Chickens from the Oregon state fair.
My toy robot that got put in a design outside.
A robot that picks up balls using air.
This is the engine of a jet.
This was one of the jets hanging from the science museum in O.M.S.I.
A space ship.
A lego pieced out of the national space station.
What the keys look like in a space ships.
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