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Economics by Analily Wong

The teacher is teaching us about Prezi.

Analily Wong

on 12 April 2011

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Transcript of Economics by Analily Wong

Economics by Analily Wong Stock market game The stock market game is when you buy a fake stock and either lose money or make money. Get Good Stocks You have to get great stocks so you won't risk losing money. You need good stocks so you can get money! Economics by Analily Wong The Stock Marcket Game The stock market game is when you buy fake stocks. Economics by Analily Wong The Stock Market Game The stock market game is when you buy fake stocks. It is a competition between the groups at C3. What Is a Stock? A stock is something you can buy that may or may not give you a return. For an example I can buy part of PepsiCo and get some of their profit. The most important thing while working with stocks is, teamwork. My team and I always work together and we always communicate with each other before buying a stock. We are working as hard as we can! We are in 14th place :(. But we're going to try to get to the top! We've bought Peet's Coffee and Tea, Fedex, Netflex, PepsiCo, and other things i can't think of. Investwrite I wrote about Dublin Dr. Pepper, because of all of its great success. I wrote about its Parent Company, and its history. Did you know Dublin Dr. Pepper's original formula was made with Imperial Pure Cane Sugar? This product is very successful because its stocks are good. it would invest in it also because t is very diversified. Georiga Standards Trade Opportunity Cost Specialization Functions of 4 Major Sectors The exchange of goods and services for money or other goods Something you give up, for something you need. A job or hobby you make money on to buy goods. Household Example- I go to the grocery store to buy food, but the store has to buy the product first. Then the store pays the owner of the product, and i pay the store, and we all use that money for needs. Bank Example- I go to the bank to get a loan, but first the bank has to get the money from the government. But the Government has to get money from the people and the people get the money from their buisness. Buisness Example- The people who work at that buisness, get paid by the owner. The owner gets it from the Government and the people. The people pay their taxes to the government, which gives a little bit to the owner, and the people buy the product straight from the owner. Government Example- The government make the people pay taxes to help other people. They give some of the money to firefighters, policemen, and other services. The people, that the government gives the money to, uses the money for their needs. Household- Consumes goods and services Buisness- Provides goods and services Banks- Provide loans, savings, and checking accounts Government- Takes taxes, and provides services My Team The Stock Market! ECONOMICS IS AWESOME Risk Example Buy Low, Sell High You have to buy low and sell high, to avoid loosing your money. If a stock peeks, you must sell it because after everyone buys it, it will go down. Price Incentive A benefit that gets a person to buy, such as "Buy one get one free!" Ex. Participating in the Chisholm Cattle Trail to get a better price ro cattle. We used the New York Stock Exchange to help look up stocks like PepsiCo and Fedex. NYSE Voluntary Exchange You are willing to trade with no cost. Personal Budget A way to keep track of how much you save and spend so you know how much money you have available. Buy, Sell, and Hold We use the term buy, sell, and hold when we use stocks. You buy when the stock is going up, you hold when you think it's going up, and you sell when it's low. Diversification Diversification means when your portfolio is divided into seperate categories. And this keeps all the stocks in order! How Does Money Grow Over Time If you get the same amount of money each month, for , let's say, 16 years you would make alot of money. If you start getting into the stock business earlier, you will have more money than someone who started it later. Consumers and Business The business depends on the consumers because the consumers buy the products from the businesses. Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurs are the people who make the product, and they sell it to a business then which sells it to consumers. That is a depended rotation! Ex. All the soldiers had to risk their lives for our happiness, freedom, and peace in the countrys. Competition, Markets, and Prices This all comes back to the same thing, everyone gets so intense with all of these things. High prices get people mad because some people can't afford it. Competition gets people angry because you want to when really mad. Markets are like prices they are high and you can't afford it. Now you can see how everything you just read is divided. Albert Einstien specialized in thinking and inventing. Ex. Dividend It's the money you get from the shares you buy out of a product. Thank You for reading! Hopefully you will use this information for when you get older! Company A company is a business. The consumers come to buy their goods, and the company buys their goods from the entrepreneurs who cosum them.
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