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Cats in Ancient Egypt

No description

faith weekley

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Cats in Ancient Egypt

Cats in ancient Egypt were very sacred animals. Most cats in ancient Egypt were spotted tabby cats. Most houses in ancient Egypt had cats. Cats were believed to have magical powers, and also believed to protect kids and homes from bad things. Cats were so special that there were laws to protect them. if someone were to kill a cat, on purpose or on accident, they would be sentenced to death. If a cat died from another reason, some people would shave off their eyebrows to show respect for the dead animal. Some people would mummify their cats so they would be able to go into the afterlife with them.if a cat died, there would be big funerals for the animal and were buried in a sacred cemetery. sometimes cats were mummified and taken to temples as gifts to the gods. Mummifacation Cats Importance Baset Cats were often known as Mau, Miu, or Mii because of the sounds they made. Cats were often know as Baset, the half human ,half cat goddess.Bubastis was the center of worship for the goddess. There were many cults that rose up around cats. Baset had the body of a human and the head of a cat. The cultural Universals this goes into are religion and entertainment By:Faith Weekley Cats In Ancient Egypt Cats In ancient Egypt, the earliest cat found was in Asyut, which is just south of middle there were many laws protecting cats. If someone were to steal a cat , the pharoh would send out troops to retrieve the cat.
Outside of some peoples houses, there were statues of cats to ward off evil spirits. Cats were often placed on amulets, and coffin decorations.Cats were also taking on hunting trips instead of dogs. The cats kept themselves clean and were very skillfull hunters .People would often find wild kittens and they would domesticate them over time.
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