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Ryan McCallum | Technology Integration Specialist | Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose Schools

Amutha Lechmee

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of SEEDICT30/4

welcome Back! Let's recall... Source: bloom's taxonomy and the digital world Total learning time "Cognitive Overhead" Follow Up are the essential elements of an effective ICT enhanced lesson plan? SEED ICT Professional Development Framework Hope you had... a good break! :) Within your schools, exchange your lesson plan with the other group.
Critique of the lesson plan will be based on the clarity of the lesson plan based on the following areas:
Lesson objectives
Target audience
Sequence of activities
Selection of the ICT Tool
Assessment aligned to the goals of the lesson
Refine your lesson plan and supporting resources
Role of school Trainers.
To plan and carry out 3rd Tier Workshops at school level.
Resources provided.
A quick recap Session 1
Overview and Development of SEED-ICT Framework
Unpacking the Framework
ICT Integration & ICT-Enabled Environment
Elements of Lesson Design
Lesson Planning

Session 2
Lesson Study
Sharing of Lesson Plan & Critique
Follow-up to Cluster Training
Welcome Back! Thank You! What do you think? Lesson Plan critique
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