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Education in Vietnam

No description

Lauren Maunus

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of Education in Vietnam


*Elora Fucigna
*Lauren Maunus
*Olivia Ranieri

Education in Vietnam
Present Day
*Literacy Rates

*State Budgets for education

*Improvements over time

*The difficulties that remain
A Day in the Life:
Let's start our journey with some history:

The educations of:

Paradise of the Blind
1950's and 60's
1990's - present
Mid 1800's
10th century
*Relations start to fade with France

*Viet-Minh in the 40's

*Ho Chi Minh's “Call for Anti-illiteracy” - "An illiterate nation is a powerless one"

*August Revolution
1981 - Paradise of the Blind setting
*Vietnam aims to adopt a unified education system

*Financial issues limit education

*Education Law adopted by the National Assembly in April 1997

*Doi Moi (Economic Reform)
Works Cited
10th Century

Here come the French!
*Abolished Confucianism

*Brought the French culture and education system to Vietnam

*Albert Sarraut

*No more use of Chinese characters
Vietnam Splits!
*Vietnam is separated into two nations

*The Vietnam War

*Literacy declines in minorities
What kind of art is taught to students?

What are the student-teacher relationships like?

How are students disciplined?

How is a "high social status" achieved in Vietnam?

What social classes are teachers?

What is the typical dress code in Vietnam?

*Trained mostly village men for careers, & elitists

*Focused on becoming a good citizen

*1985- North and South Vietnam curriculum are unified for the first time

*Science and technology are stressed

*Vietnamese history and culture are revived in teachings
Hang's day in the life

Education in Vietnam
Present day in the life
*Primary and higher educations available

*35 weeks in the school year

*4-5 hour days

Ancient day in the life

*Elora Fucigna
*Lauren Maunus
*Olivia Ranieri
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Education fun facts pop quiz!
What is the educational system in Vietnam like?
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