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Elijah Mccoy

No description

Anthony Messina

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Elijah Mccoy

Elijah McCoy He was born in 1843 and dies in 1929 His ChildHood
He took great interest in mechanical devices and tools and tools as a young child
And he helped alot on his family's farm

His Education
At age 15 he attended public school
In 1859 and 1860 his parents saved enough money for him to go to school in Edinburgh Scotland to learn mechanical engineering
His AdultHood
After he returned from school to Canada then moved to Michigan he was hired as a fireman/oilman
He married twice first lady was Ann Elizabeth Stewart and second Mary Elaenora Delaney
He made his own manufactuaring company in 1920 and a while after him and his wife in a traaffic accident and later his wife died

In 1872 he made his first invetion a self-regulation lubricator
In his life he which was granted 52 patents mostly improvements to the steam engine
He also patented a folding iron board and a self propelled lawn sprinkler
And in 1916 he patented the "graphite lubricator

I couldnt find any awards othre than that he was granted over 50 patents and and people say they want the "real mccoy" which means the real thing meaning the highest quality of something
If i had to ask him any question i would ask him how long did it take you tomake this stuff and also what him want to make these stuff
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