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Life Of Baeza

No description

Luke Parkes

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Life Of Baeza

The Life Of Baeza Anthony R. Baeza Starting At Age 13 BAEZA was only 13 years old when he began taking music seriously. It was coming around to Christmas and he wanted one thing and one thing only...He wanted software that would allow him to create his own beats. From then on his journey began, he spent many house in his room alone practicing his craft. Unlike most kids he would stay home doing what he loved when most of his friends were out, in due time he started rapping over them. He started to invest any money he could into a cheap Mic so he could start recording his raps. The Next 6 Years On As 6 years went on he recorded many fresh raps written all by himself to his own beats. Also over the years he rapped in front of his family and friends receiving positive feed back witch made him want the music career even more. He was at the age of 19, graduated and ready to go where ever life was willing to take him. Where He Started To Build A Fan Base Many know Baeza is a solo recording artist, he has done all his music achievements based on his own talent. He has had help producing music videos with famous producers witch helped him get his name known. Baeza created a fan base through Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and YouTube, to the point of having live shows start at NEW MEXICO , NEVADA , ARIZONA , ILLINOIS , TEXAS , KANSAS , CHICAGO , WASHINGTON,AND DETROIT ON HIS TOUR AND PLANS TO KEEP ON TRAVELLING WORLD WIDE. Being A YouTube Sensation To this day Baeza has released 34 YouTube videos including live shows. He has over 7 million views all up and one video that let alone has 2 MILLION views "Far From Ready" written and produced by Baeza himself. Far From Ready Concert Baeza has performed many live shows, but he's biggest and well known concert was the far from ready concert dedicated to his world wide Hit "Far From Ready" Baeza Made A Change - Before And After Baeza Fan Base Baeza has bild a pretty big and amazing fan base since he posted his first videos on YouTube. He has many facebook pages one with 27,000 likes and another with 16,000, his twitter has 33,000 followers and in person pretty much everyone knows him. Safe to say Baeza is a inspiration to many people and a great rapper. Baeza Finally Signed
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