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Transitional Justice

No description

Tove Nyberg

on 18 September 2017

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Transcript of Transitional Justice

Transitional Justice
Colombia's TJ process
Justice and Peace Law 2005
Commission of reparations & Reconciliation
Victims' Law 2011
Commission for Historic Memory
Victims' unit & the land and restitution unit
Department of reintegration
Normative concept
Democratic peace
Restorative Justice
Criminal justice trials & truth commissions

Perpetrator's role in restoring a community

A type of reparation to victims
Most responsible for most serious crimes: 15-20 years


Level of responsibility, participation and willingness to tell the truth: 5-8 / 2-5 years

Restriction of liberty (partial deprivation of liberty) and community service

Amnesty for other crimes such as "political rebellion".

Local context

Legal pluralism
International tribunals
Hybrid tribunals
Ordinary trials
High costs
Disarmament demobilisation and reintegration (DDR)
Security sector reform (SSR)
Truth commissions
Institutional reform
End of conflict
Impunity rates?

Negotiating parties?

Political participation?
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