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LOST: Representation of Gender, particularly Jack

No description

jarrod mee

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of LOST: Representation of Gender, particularly Jack

The opening scene shows Jack laying on the floor with the camera looking down. There is an extreme close up showing jacks facial expressions portraying him as anxious. This represents Jack as being weak because he looks vulnerable and powerless.
The camera zooms out presenting more and more of jacks body. This could symbolise his gradual coming of power the further the camera zooms out. Males as whole, are represented as the "dominant sex" This is shown through a long shot of the wreckage. Commonly throughout this scene, women are lower to the ground eg women are seen crawling away from the wreckage. This further emphasises that males are stereotypically the stronger gender because they are seen at higher levels for example, when the men are helping women away from the wreckage. Commonly in this scene, women are presented as scared. We know this because a close up camera shot is used when the pregnant woman is laying on the floor, to show the helplessness in her face. On the other hand, the men in the scene are portrayed as more brave. This reinforces the idea that men have the power in this scenario. Jack is also being presented as "heroic". This is shown through the mise en scene. All other males in the scene are shown wearing casual clothes eg. shorts and a tshirt.Whereas Jack is wearing more formal clothes, this being a shirt and tie. This suggests an element of power because we frequently acknowledge people in formal clothes as having high authority. Another way in which dominance is shown is through sound. Typically through the scene, Jack has a tone of authority in his voice whereas the women are screaming for help. This backs up the idea that males have authority over women. The editing shows slow motion of Jack walking through the wreckage with non diegetic sound in the background. The music is sad. This contradicts the idea that males have all the power because it shows that both sexes are helpless. Another idea of contradiction through the power struggle between genders, is that some males in the scene are represented as identical to women in regards to authority. This is shown through the representation of the life guard. We know that the character is less dominant than Jack because of his incompetence when it comes to dealing with the black lady who is struggling to breathe. This shows that some males do not have the same level of authority as others, some are represented as equals with women. Jack is portrayed as the "alpha male".
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