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Chapter 23 Preparing to Cook

FACS lesson plan

Kaitlin Daniel

on 13 May 2011

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Transcript of Chapter 23 Preparing to Cook

Preparing to Cook A dish served before the meal Appetizer Habits that determin when and what you eat each day Meal patterns A small amount of a food or seasoning to decorate the food. garnish The way food feels when it is eaten. texture Showing the cost of the product
per unit. Unit pricing A measurement of food quality using standards set by the government. Grade labeling A list of directions for
preparing a specific food. recipe To cook in the oven without a cover. Bake To cook in a liquid hot enough to bubble rapidly. Boil To simmer gently in a small amount of liquid in a covered pan. (The food may be brown at first.) Braise. To cook under direct heat. Broil To cook in a small amount of fat over high heat to brown the surface. Brown To put in the refridgerator until cold. Chill To prepare food by dry heat or moist heat. Cook To cook food uncovered without adding
any liquid. Cook by dry heat To cook in a covered pan with liquid added. Cook by moist heat To cook in hot fat deep enough to cover the food. Deep-fat fry To cook in hot fat. Fry To cook in the oven in dry heat. Roast To fry in a small amount of fat until gone. Saute To heat milk until it steams and just begins to bubble around the edge of the pan. Scald To cook to just below the boiling point so the liquid barely bubbles. Simmer To cook over boiling water. Steam To cook
liquid. Stew To cook quickly in a small amount of fat at high heat. Stir fry To heat the oven to the right temperature before putting in the food. Preheat t. or tsp. teaspoon T. or Tbsp. tablespoon c. or C. cup pt. pint qt. quart gal. gallon oz. ounce lb. pound F degress Fahrenheit mL milliliter L liter g gram To beat faster with an electric mixer, rotary beater, or wire whip to add enough air to make the mixture fluffy. Whip To tumble ingredients lightly
with a spoon and fork. Toss To stir until the ingredients are completely mixed. Blend To blend until smooth and fluffy. Cream. To mix two or
together. Combine To move the ingredients
in a circular motion to mix
or to prevent burning. Stir To mix or stir quickly, bringing
the contents of the bowl to the top
and down again. Beat Preparing to Cook
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