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Subjunctive Tense

No description

Maria Caiseda

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Subjunctive Tense

The Subjunctive Mood María L. Caiseda
M00 41 8979
English 5220
Dr. Raquel Puig Can you find the mistake? The Subjunctive mood is the least common. Let's try The subjunctive mood uses the simple form of the verb. It is only noticeable in some cases. The Subjunctive mood expresses doubt, uncertainty, wish, or supposition, or signals a condition contrary to fact. Subjunctive Form Identify the subjunctive form 3 Moods indicative
subjunctive In the English language, verbs are used in contexts called moods. Doubt or uncertainty Wish Condition Contrary to fact Regular Form am, is, are be was were has have verbs ending in -s drop the -s lives live I wish I were a fast runner.

The only thing Johny hopes for is that she live a full happy life. Jenny talks about art as if she were an art critic.

If I were you, I wouldn't wear that shirt. We should act as if no one were watching.

It seems as though she were here. The subjunctive mood can also be used in a "that" clause used when the main clause expresses a request, recommendation, or demand. I suggest that you study.

The manager recommends that I work a double shift on Saturday. The costumer insists that the store refund his money.

It is important that you try to study often. References 1. I wish it were summer.

2. It's important that she remember to take her medicine.

3. If Lola knew about the secret sauce, she would not eat the burrito.

4. I demand that she apologize immediately about what she just said.

5. If it were up to me, I would only eat pizza. Correct the verb that should be in the subjunctive mood. 1. If I was Sam, I would hire an assistant during high season.

2. The committee suggests that Dr. Jones is chosen as next chief of staff.

3. As August approaches, every student wishes that his or her vacation was longer.

4. It is critical that every potential donor gives blood during this shortage. C.E.A. Finney. (2002). The Subjuntive Mood in English- A Guide to Usage. Retrieved March 2013, from C.E.A. Finney: http://www.ceafinney.com/subjunctive/guide.htmlEllsworth, B., & Higgins, J. A. (2009). English Simplified (12 ed.). Longman.Language Dynamics. (n.d.). Subjunctive. Retrieved from English Page: http://www.englishpage.com/minitutorials/subjunctive.htmlmodilingua.com. (2010). The Subjunctive Mood. Retrieved March 2013, from modilingua.com: http://blog.modilingua.com/post/612905274/the-subjunctive-mood
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