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Plot Chart - Beauty and The Beast

For Mrs. Hughes.

Auria Gonzales

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Plot Chart - Beauty and The Beast

Beauty: The Retelling of Beauty & the Beast Plot Diagram Exposition Beauty is the youngest child of the wealthiest
family of the city. She has two older sisters named
Grace and Hope. Her real name is actually "Honor,"
but she thinks she doesn't deserve a name like that
because she doesn't think she is honorable. She has low
self-confidence in herself. Her mother and youngest
sister, Mercy, are dead. Her father supports their family
completely. Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution Beauty's father's merchant ships end up being lost at sea. Her father goes bankrupt, and they have to sell everything they own as a collateral. Grace's husband, Robert, also goes lost at sea because he was a captain of one of her father's ships. Hope falls in love with a blacksmith named Gervain. Gervain proposes to Hope, and wishes to go live in his hometown. Gervain says he is willing to take her whole family to live with them. Hope proposes this idea to her father, and he approves. While Hope has her husband, Gervain, Grace is worried because the boy she's in love with (Robert), is lost at sea. Later on, Beauty goes out to where Gervain is working. He tells her to stay away from the woods because it is enchanted. Beauty tries to ask questions, but Gervain tells her to never speak of it again. One of Father's friends contacted him and told him they found one of his ships at sea. He lets the family know that he has to leave for six months, to go back to the city, and see if he can make money off of the ship his crew found. On his way back from his unsuccessful trip, it was very stormy and cold. He couldn't see that well where he was going, so he ended up taking the enchanted forest to find his way home (where Gervain told Beauty to never go). When the snow storm subsided, he ran into a castle. He finds food, and water there. He spots a rose, and remembers that Beauty asked for one from his trip, he takes it. The Beast shows his face in anger. He roars, and tells Father how dare he touch his finest roses. The Beast say that Father will have consequences for what he did. He tells him that it's his life, or he can surrender one of his daughters to him. The Beast said, "I will let you go, but in one month I expect you to be back here, or I'll find you." Beauty and the Beast got married immediately. They gathered all of Beauty's family, had the ceremony, and lived happily ever after. Beauty confesses her love and kisses Beast. As she does, the spell on him breaks. He no longer looks like a beast anymore. He has luscious hair, beautiful eyes, and looks younger than ever. When Beauty sees him like this, she can't help but fall more in love with him. Beauty's father returns and tells them about his encounter with the Beast. He tells his daughters they don't need to worry, and that he would go back in their stead. Beauty protests against this and tells her father that she will be the one who will live with the Beast. After much objections from her father, he agrees to let her go. Primary Conflict Beauty spends her last days with her family. She
starts to regret her decision to sacrifice herself to
the Beast. During these days, she receives dreams
from the Beast. Halfway through the month, the
Beast sends Beauty some rose seeds. Beauty and her father finally get ready to leave.
They go into the Enchanted Forest, and try to find the castle. On the way there, Beauty's father starts to tell her to turn back and let him face his fate. They reached the gates of the castle. Beauty told her dad to leave because she didn't want to cry in front of him. Her father finally leaves, and she enters the castle alone. Beauty lived at the castle for a week before she
met the Beast. During dinner, the Beast revealed
himself. Beauty looked at him with horror on her
face. She tried to keep her distance from him. Every night, the Beast proposes to Beauty, but she says no every time. Beast continuously tries to win Beauty's heart.
He showed her his grand library. Beauty loved the
library, and spent most of her days there. Beauty and
the Beast become close friends. Beauty asks the Beast if she could go
visit her family, but he says no. Beauty
continuously becomes closer and closer to
the Beast. The Beast finally lets her go
visit her family, but only for a week because
he will die if she is not with him. Beast gives
her a rose and tells her she must be back
before the last petal drops. Beauty returns home and everyone is
overjoyed. Everyone welcomes her back
with open arms. Beauty has a nice time
spending a week with her family. On the
fifth day, she notices that the rose has lost
many of its petals, so she tells her family she
must go. Her family persuades her to stay for a
couple more days. At the end of the week,
there is only one petal left, and she tells her
family she must go or else the Beast will
die. Beauty rushes to the castle, and
frantically searches for the Beast.
She finds him on the floor, barely
conscious. The last petal is about to fall. Beast explains to Beauty about
the spell that he has been under. Beauty
broke the spell with true love's kiss. Beast then
proposes to Beauty, but she declines. When asked
why, Beauty says his looks are fit for a queen.
Beast hands her a mirror, and tell her she is
beautiful. She looks at the mirror and sees an
elegant lady with gorgeous red hair. Once she
confirms this isn't an illusion, she tells the Beast
she is willing to marry him. By Kristine, Michelle & Auria Period 5, Group #3
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