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A Guide to a Healthy Year Eight: :)

All about exercise and food.

Becky McCabe

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of A Guide to a Healthy Year Eight: :)

Healthy Year 8 Lots of Fruit = Healthy Body Pineapple, Apple, Oranges, Grapes, Bananas, Kiwi's, Melons, Lemons etc. Sports give you a toned body, and a good hobby :) Swimmming is fun for all ages. Fruit is needed within the body, and bananas are a great snack for before you go swimming Exercise Diet

There are many different areas of sport you could practice;
Cricket And many, many more ;)
Sleep Sleep means you are happy, healthy, less grumpy and it helps your body and mind to develop and take in things you learn in school. You de-stress when you sleep and you grow when you sleep too.
Sleep benefits you in all these ways, but don't oversleep because you may end up lazy.
This is a basket full of a variety of very healthy fruit; You should have your five-a-day to maintain a healthy diet. Five-a-day can include a glass of juice, and a fruity yoghurt. Other foods that you need to stay healthy are;
Plenty of Water And Even Some
CHOCOLATE! Laughing People think that fruit is so good for you that you can eat it 24/7 with no worries, but it is possible to eat too much fruit and vegetables. You could end up either on the toilet all day (y'know what I mean ;]) or being sick. At the same time eating chocolate 24/7 will make you fat unless you do extreme amounts of exercise. If you do, then you maybe won't get fat, but will probably end up with lots of spots and feeling sick if not throwing it all back up again. Eating anything too much has side effects and can all have potentially dreadful side effects. Balance everything and eat everything in moderation. Exercise burns up fat and uses sugar. If you have eaten nothing and exercise you may collapse. You should always have a banana or some rice, or cereal or a chocolate bar before you exercise. You should also have a drink or something like Lucozade, an energy drink, or water or squash. This means you won't be dehydrated when exercising, or you could be very ill. Exercising is good for you, and unless you eat more than a whale, it prevents you from being fat. There are many fun sports, some expensive to do and some free. You burn calories when you are exercising, and even when you are walking. Laughing is very good for you. People don't realise it but laughing helps you;
Lose weight
It clears your arteries
It helps prevent heart disease. And
Every time you laugh you add five secconds onto your life... Also, laughing is contagious! Laugh, and the person next to you will probably laugh ;) When you sleep, you relax, recover and regain energy. It helps you and dreaming is very important. Dreams show you have an imagination and they can be VERY strange! Have Fun! To be honest, this is the most important thing. If you have a boring life, where you never smile and always cry, you're not going to be healthy. Have fun and live life as if it will end tomorrow ;D
Always see life in a good way, even if there isn't one, be an optimist, not a pessimist, and remember;
THE GLASS IS HALF FULL! Vitamins are good for you too (: By Becky McCabe 8HBL 8Triangles
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