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Copy of The Quantum Levitation Device

The first physics based project for UMBC DEVICE

Rebecca Goldstein

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of Copy of The Quantum Levitation Device

The Quantum Locking Levitation Experiment

~ making the perfect hovercraft ~ What is it? Why should you fund this project? How does it work? In fact... The Meissner Effect Plan to demonstrate to physics and engineering classes First physics-based experiment for DEVICE Cost It would normally cost $1,000 - $3,000 ... Kit from Seller: $850

2" Supercondive disk
Stabilizer foam
Magnetic Platform
Magnet trail
Instruction Manual (very important) What is it? (video)
How does it work?
Why this project?
Questions? But what's the point? Locking: tiny imperfections create a completely frictionless system (stays in place) A perfectly efficient system: freezing critical temp = lots of electricity + zero energy loss Introduce physics to all majors in a fun, interactive way Contacted Dr. Worchesky for demonstration in his physics class Agenda Questions? Farraday's Law Think of batteries
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