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Presley Martin

No description

Katrina Dye

on 6 March 2015

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Transcript of Presley Martin


The Problem
Fifth graders seem to have a hard time making friends. I know that because… well… I live with one. Fifth graders need an easier way to make friends. They need to be friends with the people in their everyday class so they make good friends. If they switch classes, then their chances of making great friends is not as likely. Of course, they would not be best friends with everyone in their class. That`s just not logical. Do you want to know what the solution is, though? This
solution is definitely logical. Younger students need to interact with one another. This
change will improve society in the year 2050.
My classroom design is an all subject classroom. Meaning, this one classroom teaches math, science, social studies, and literacy. Kids need to make best friends in their original classrooms before they go out to other classrooms. It`s better for kids to have two or three amazing friends and some people to just talk to in the hallway than it would be to have a lot of “just okay” friends. The “all subject classroom” is a great solution to an abysmal problem. This
would improve the future society. I can
the year 2050 without bullying issues because of this exquisite solution. The solution may seem a little old fashioned, but I believe that is best forthe students Lakeside's future.
The Solution
Q: What five adjectives would best describe your design?
Q: What was the inspiration for your design?

A: The world has an obsession. That obsession is technology. Technology can be a good thing, but it can also get out of hand. Technology is surrounding kids. It is so much more important to make good friends than it is to look at screens all day long, which is exactly what this design does. It brings children closer to one another. People make these cool gadgets and try to reel in kids like they`re fish. This design pulls kids into technology; yet, the design is pulling them away from technology also. I was inspired by the modern world around me, and the fish. Oh, the poor fish… They are getting reeled in by the world around them.

Q: How long is your design going to prepare students for work, college, and career?

A: This design should prepare students for life. I expect that whatever you learn should stay with you throughout your life. This modern design gives students a variety of features to be educated with, loading and possibly over powering the heads of children.

Fifth grade students need to have close friends. This is very important for people this age. In the year 2050, they would have hopefully learned by then that fifth graders need friends to rely on. This should help bullying issues, and other issues such as not making good friends. The all subject classroom is a solution to this common issue that everyone goes through today. Students need to interact with one another. With this concept, I foresee the future with improved schools, communities, and most importantly, a better life.
Q: What features of your design do you think will most excite the students? Why?

A: I think that students would absolutely love the built-in technology in the desks. This would give the students an opportunity to take and save the notes on a device, and to not have to worry about losing those notes. This would not only educate students academically, but would also educate students on life.

Lakeside 2050: "Clever" the 5th Grade Classroom

A Glimpse into the Future of Lakeside School District

Presley Martin

A: 1. Modern
2. Techy
3. Kid-Friendly
4. Advanced
5. "Smart"
Q: What makes your design innovative?
A: This design is innovative for students by giving the students a feeling in which they feel overwhelmed by the technology, making the students want to play in the outdoors. The trick is to get the students tired of looking at screens, and instead, getting a breath of fresh air. Playing outside is a great way to stay healthy. This method should improve the health of the students. The walls that create the indoor space into an outdoor space would most definitely improve this obsession that we have in our world we live in today.
Rough Draft
Final Draft
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