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IBM Watson Super Computer

No description

Rumsha Siddiqui

on 22 October 2011

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Transcript of IBM Watson Super Computer

WHAT IS WATSON? artificial computer
specializes in analyzing natural human language
provides specific answers to complex questions in 3 sec. Watson is NOT connected to internet information downloaded into memory in the form of: Watson has to dig inside his memory to access the knowledge he has gained. Connect that information with the key words in a question Solve the ANSWER !!! an IBM SuperComputer Watson has to dig inside his memory to access the knowledge he has gained. Connect that information with the key words in a question. Solve the ANSWER This technology, unlike any other, can understand the question. On Feb. 18th 2011, Watson beat the 2 best human Jeopardy players in a 3-day event with a score greater than the 2 humans combined! Watson works so well because it runs on Power 7, a special computing device designed by IBM to make it perform at such rapid speeds. It's made up of all these little alogorithms that look at the given data from different perspectives and come up with all sorts of possible answers. Watson puts all these possiblities together and when he is confident he has he answer he says: "LET'S BUZZ IT IN!" :) Impact on Society Watson seems really useful, and I believe that IBM has made a real breakthrough. They're on their way to prove that technology can perform as well and sometimes even better than humans. However, if Watson answers all our question, then won't humans eventually lose the ability to think for themselves? And not just Watson, but if most technological devices started performing human tasks then humans wouldn't be needed as much anymore. It's kind of like the 'Terminator' T.V. show coming to life, where computers take over the world. So while you watch the following video, I ask you to think: is technological advancement
good or bad?
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