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Projeto de TCC

Resumo do Projeto de TCC

Hudson Cogo Moreira

on 3 July 2013

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Transcript of Projeto de TCC

DISCIPLINA: LLE 7461 – Elaboração do Projeto de TCC – Inglês
Profª. Drª. Lêda Maria Braga Tomitch
Orientadora: Profª. Drª. Viviane Maria Heberle
Coorientandor: Ms. Fernando Silva
Hudson Cogo Moreira
Projeto do Trabalho de Conclusão de Curso
DotA 2 as a Tool for Developing Players’ Foreign Language Skills: Applying Three Learning Principles to the Context of the Game
1. Introduction

2. Review of Literature

3. Method

"DotA 2 as a Tool for Developing Players’ Foreign Language Skills: Applying Three Learning Principles to the Context of the Game"
1. Introduction
Pure Research
: carried out to increase understanding of fundamental principles
- The Game:
DotA 2
- Learning Principles:
Situated Meanings
Language Skills
the game to these
learning principles
2. Review of Literature
Learning Principles:
2) Identity:

According to Gee (2007),

"Learning involves taking on and playing with identities in such a way that the learner has real choices (in developing the virtual identity) and ample opportunity to mediate on the relation between new identities and old ones." (p. 222)

1) Interaction

As explained by Gee (2009)

"Games do talk back. In fact, nothing happens until a player acts and makes decisions. Then the game reacts back, giving the player feedback and new problems. In a good game, words and deeds are all placed in the context of an interactive relationship between the player and the world." (p. 5)

3) Situated Meanings

In relation to the importance of the context, Gee (2005) explains that

"People are poor at learning what words mean when all they get is a definition that spells out what a word means in terms of yet other words... Games always situate the meanings of words in terms of the actions, images, and dialogues they relate to, and show how they vary across different actions, images and dialogues. They don’t just offer words for words. School shouldn’t either." (p. 7)
Bloodseeker's major role:
"Commend me!"
: “I think they are amiable”.
: “I think they are quit forgiving”.
: “I think they are a great teacher”.
: “I think they are a good leader”.

Gee, J. P. (2003). What Video Games Have To Teach Us about Learning and Literacy.
New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan.

_________ (2004). Situated language and learning: A critique of traditional schooling.
London: Routledge.

________ (2005). Why Video Games Are Good for Your Soul. Champaign, IL: The

________ (2007) Good Video Games + Good Learning: Collected Essays on Video
Games, Learning and Literacy. New York, NY: Peter Lang.

_________ (2009, June 17). Good Video Games and Good Learning. jamespaulgee.com. Retrieved from http://www.jamespaulgee.com/node/17.

_________ (2009a, June 17). Languages and Discourses: Meaning is in the Game. jamespaulgee.com. Retrieved from http://www.jamespaulgee.com/node/19.

Carries are the heroes that can obtain the greatest power and utility. (It is so derived from the act of "carrying" a team; that is, to bear the responsibility for ultimate victory.)
1) I love video games!

2) Learning + Video Games
2) a. Develop language skills
2) b. Different Principles:

2) c. Is DotA 2 a complete and efficient environment for players develop their different language skills?

(Identity, Interaction and Situated Meanings)
3) It is very (very...I'm serious... very) small contribution to subsequent studies and especially, a new perspective in relation to the development of foreign language skills using a MOBA game.
3. Method
Thank you!
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