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Something About Me !!

No description

yemi sulman

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Something About Me !!

Something About Me !!
Yemi Sulman
Technology Concepts
Mod :2B

My Family
My Hobbies
My Friends
*Something About Me
My name is yemi sulman. I am 12 years old . My birthday is September 30th , I am a libra . I live in Bowie, Maryland. My favorite color is purple . My favorite food is chicken . I love clothes and money, my favorite singer is Beyonce , favorite artist is Nicki Minaj . My favorite game is subway surfers.
Mom , Dad , Sisters , And My Brother !
My Lovely Family
My Sister Yinka!! 6 yrs
My Baby Sister Johanna !!!
3 yrs
My Sister Sade !!
9 yrs
My Sister Tierra !!!
17 yrs
My Brother Tyriek
19 yrs
My Mommy !!!!

**My Daddy!!!!
My Sister Dami !!
7 yrs
I like to cook, dance, play hide and go seek . Also i like cooking , and hanging out with my friends.I like laughing , smiling playing.My favorite sport is volley ball. I really like to sing because it defines me !!

My Hobbies
We all are very fun . We love playing around , laughing and hanging out . I love them they are awesome!!
Some Of My Friends !!!
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