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Katrina Lynn

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Holocaust

The Holocaust By Gabe
The Holocaust is a sad thing, many people died.
The Holocaust caused the death of 6,000,000 Jews during WWII
Mr. Gonczarow
Mr.Gonczarow talked a lot about his father. I learned his father was captured because he was taking guns to help get money for his family. He was transported to many different concentration camps. He was told if he was sick, it was better to just go to work.
Kids had to carry rocks on their backs. Mr.Gonczarow's father lied about his age so the Nazis wouldn't kill him.
Number the Stars
The book didn't help me understand much. It told me about what they did to help their friends to live a safe life. In the book they had a curfew, they couldn't be out after dark. They didn't have cupcakes or coffee. Annamarie's sister Lise and Peter were in the Resistance.
They took the Jews in the fishing boats. They use dogs to search the boats. They used a cloth so the dogs couldn't smell the Jews. The babies had to take medicine so they wouldn't cry.
Miracle at Midnight
The people at the hospital helped the Jews escape because they did not like what the Nazis were doing. Some of the Jewish men had on Yarmulke or cap. The whole staff of the hospital was risking there lives. The Nazis search in the woods with the dog.
The higher ranks had different salutes to each other.
Eva Kor and her sister, Miriam, are Jews that survived through the war. They were took to a concentration camp and had to stay there for a long time. They were tested on because they were twins. Mrs.Kor was injected with many drugs.
She became very ill after all the injections. Doctor Mengele said she will only live for two weeks. Mrs. Kor said if she died that her sister would of been killed. She pulled through and while she was in the hospital her sister was put in isolation.
The book and movie had many connections. They both used boats to escape and hid their friends. My dad's grandpa's family was in the Holocaust. Mrs. Kor and Mr. Gonczarow's dad had live through it. They both survived having to live without much food.
What I learned
I learned that the Holocaust started because of Hitler. He got people to believe the Jews were bad. Many Jews were killed because of Hitler being cruel and getting people to help him.
The end
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