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Unit 1 "Teen Life" review - 1ºB

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Paula Beltrán Veloso

on 9 July 2015

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Transcript of Unit 1 "Teen Life" review - 1ºB


Look at the pictures!
Being a teenager...
- Using cellphones
- Playing the guitar
- Talking and laughing with friends
- Studying/doing homework
- Partying!
- Skateboarding
- Playing videogames
- Listening to music
- Playing soccer/football
- “Facebooking”/ surfing-chatting on facebook (social network)

What kind of teenage activities do you like the most? Why?
Do you like to be a teenager? Why?
Class Discussion!!
Class objective: - To acquire vocabulary and discuss about teenagers' lives (activities).
During my classes, I consider the following:
Introducing the class with an engaging activity (warm-ups: games, life experience, anectode, etc.)
Being in a good mood, to greet them politely.
Letting my students to discover, make comments and participate actively during the class. ("Student-centered" teaching style).
Being a facilitator of the students' learning process.
Promoting class discussion.
Monitoring students.
Giving feedback.
Having fun! (entertaining classes make students to "internalize" the contents ("meaningful learning")
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