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Student Employee of the Year

Find out about the Student Employee of the Year competition

NASES Administrator

on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of Student Employee of the Year

There are awards in each category at


and National level

Know a student ...
...and getting the experience
that will convince future employers
that they have one of these...
...and didn't spend all their free time at uni or college doing this?
Maybe they deserve a
It's an award scheme that
recognises the hard work
and achievements of
students who balance
paid part-time work
with their studies.
Winner's circle
An employer visits
and nominates their student employee in one of these categories:
There is an award in each category for students who work both On Campus and Off Campus
Job Shop/Student Temp Excellence Award
Step up to Leadership
Above and Beyond
Commercial Awareness
For those students who have demonstrated their ability to lead teams or projects
...plus a final On Campus award for students working as temps or admininstrators for a student employment service
For anyone who regularly goes above and beyond their job description to be the best they can be at what they do
For those students who have made a big commercial impact, improving profits or maybe coming up with an enterprising new idea
Student Employer
of the Year
Students can also
nominate great
employers for:
Claire Hastings - Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe, Stafford
National Student Employer of the Year 2012 - Individual
University of Sheffield Enterprise
National Student Employer of the Year 2012 - Company
...earning much needed cash...
... and one exceptional National winner will be
named overall Student Employee of the Year 2015!

Nominate from 23 Feb!

It screams
"Employ me!"
Ali Bergstrom-Allen
2004 Overall Winner
Winning this has given my confidence a boost
Anne Hayward 2011 National Category Winner
Demonstrates that you go above and beyond what is expected of you at work. SEOTY is a nation-wide award so it really stands out on your CV
Sophie Grace Rowe 2011
Regional On Campus winner
Helped me to secure pre-registration places as employers are really impressed with the award
Habiba Ahmad 2010 Regional
International Student winner
Shows potential employers that I work well in a team who can appreciate my contribution and enjoy working with me
It gave me an edge over other applicants. It makes the potential employer believe that I am worth an interview and can definitely prove an asset for the organization
Rupak Sarma 2011
Regional Winner
In every interview I have had so far I have always been asked about the award...it is a good starting point to pitch myself to potential employers
Rachael Hayward 2010
Regional Winner
Michelle Hamlet
2010 Regional Winner
...who has been working while studying...
Just being nominated is great for future job prospects so make sure your hard working student doesn't miss out!
A what?
Which also has awards in the On and Off Campus divisions
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