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Paper Polishing

How to Write a Better Paper or Article in a Few Easy Steps

Karyn Hollis

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of Paper Polishing

Steps to Better Writing
1. Work on Lead
2. Edit out "to be's"
3. Find Fun Synonyms

That's your first sentence.
Always make it catchy.
Use Word Synonym Finder
1. In MSWord, right click on
the word to replace (the dull,
boring one)
2. Choose a more unusual or
specific word
3. See the difference!
look = scrutinize
went = scampered
wrote = penned
snake = Diamond-backed rattler
Make a shocking statement
Use a surprising fact about your topic
Use a startling statistic
Ask a puzzling question to be answered in text
Use a provocative quotation from the text
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