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Behavior Makeover!

No description

Kelsey Clodfelter

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Behavior Makeover!

Behavior Makeover!
Tighten procedures so that we can learn MORE.
Prepare each and every student for 5th grade and beyond.
Focus #1: Enter & Exit Silently
From now on, we enter and exit the room at a level 0.
Two things could happen if you do not enter/exit at a level 0:
1. Go back and do it again
2. Receive a consequence

Focus #2: Sit up, Track the Speaker
Sit up: If bell rings or I say "sit up," you sit straight up and free your hands.
Track the speaker: Anytime the teacher or a classmate is speaking, your eyes follow them. If I say "track me," your eyes go on me.

If you don't sit up/track the speaker...
1. Redirection
2. Consequence

Big Changes
You will lose a point for any disruption to the learning or for not following directions immediately.
If you lose any points throughout the week, you lose Friday fun-day.
Remember: 90% or above for Friday fun-day!
Focus #3: Follow the Noise Levels
Noise levels are NON-NEGOTIABLE! If I say "level 1," you start whispering immediately. You do not go above level 1 until I tell you a new noise level.

Possible consequences for breaking the noise level:
I bring the whole class to a level 0
I take minutes off of your recess or prep
If it's just a few students, they may lose points

Focus #4: Prepared for Learning
At the beginning of EVERY lesson, you are prepared for learning. That means you have your books, pencils, and any other materials.
You will have 2 times throughout the day to make sure pencils are sharpened.
You may NOT go to your backpack during the day. All materials should be taken out in the morning.

Possible consequences:
You lose a point if you borrow a pencil from me
You lose a point for visiting your backpack during a lesson
I may ask you to organize your desk during recess if you are repeatedly unprepared.

Focus #5: Ready to Respond!
When a classmate or the teacher is speaking, you are listening closely. That means you can repeat EXACTLY what they said!

When I call on you to answer a question, you are expected to try your best to answer it. NO OPTING OUT!!!

During class discussions, you are engaged. I should see ALL HANDS UP when I ask questions!

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