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Why I Kayla Slow should get her nose pierced.

No description

Kayla Slow

on 26 January 2015

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Transcript of Why I Kayla Slow should get her nose pierced.

Why I Kayla Slow should get her nose pierced.
Reason 1
because i'm not going to do something stupid like this;
Reason 2
i would like to express myself, i feel like getting a nose piercing will let me do that. i know you guys dont like them and want me to like myself the way i am but this could be a good thing, and could be a good step towards recovery.
i love nose piercings and it will give me something to love about myself
reason 3
they are really cute if they are just small studs
reason 4
and even small hoops too
reason 5
you can make them hardly noticeable
i will save up and pay for it myself and i will be responsible to the taking care of it and it it gets infected you can say "i told you so ad ill ever ask for one again.
reason 6
because you guys love me and want me to be happy
reason 6
i spent all this time working on this to get you guys to try to understand why i like them and want one so bad
reason 8
im trying really hard here so atleast give me a chance
reason 9
atleast think about it
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