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Poem Project for Reading.

7th Period Project for Fernandez...again d:

Kiana Pajela

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Poem Project for Reading.

It's Like Music To My Ears Kiana Pajela
7th Period Alliteration Poem Onomatopoeia Poem 1; The Sound of Music by Allana Calhoun
2; Music: An Onomatopoeia Poem by Serena, Samantha, and Dylan
3; Music Simile Poem by Jessica 5; Music Haiku by Unknown Author
6; Musical Exile by Madeleine Begun Kane
7; The Sound That Music Makes by isabelc1011 Table of Contents The Sounds of Music by Allana Calhoun Music: An Onomatopoeia Poem by: Unknown Author The sounds sing
with a sweetness
that softly slides
into a smooth symphony
of sensous sounds. Tweet, tweet goes the flute

“Lalala” goes the singing children

Ding ding goes the piano that Mrs. G is playing

BOOM! goes the noisy, vibrating drums

STOMP! STOMP! go the children’s’ feet

when we sing “I Like School”

Whisssh, Whisssh go the pages of open music books

Clap, clap go kids feet walking out of the room and back to class. Simile Poem Concrete Poem Music is like a message to my heart
Music is as important as my life
Music is like melody to my soul Music Simile Poem by Jessica Music is inspirational. It is a talent and a gift that is bestowed to an individual. Music provides enjoyment and laughter. It has a variety of genres. It is a universal language. Music teaches you about other cultures. It provides entertainment. Music makes you want to dance. It lets your mind travel places. Music completes the gap missing in your life. It teaches you discipline. Music sets your mind straight. It gives you a broader view of the world. "Music makes a difference in a young person's life" It never makes your life dull. Music can express the soul that is trapped with yourself. There is music that makes you sad and there is music that makes you happy. On rare occasions, music can give suspense, and even fright you. Music can create peace and tranquility throughout a person's lifetime. Music can give you confidence. Music can give a whole different perspective on anybody's life. Concrete Poetry By ~Just-Be-Yourself-CK Haiku Poem Bad intonation

Strings are sharp and reeds are flat

Brass, too loud again Music Haiku By Unknown Author Limerick Poem Musical Exile By Madeleine Begun Kane How I long to be back in that chair,
Playing symphony music — longhair.
But my oboe career
Was pilfered, I fear—
Tearful exile by injuries’ snare. Free Verse Poem The Sound That Music Makes It's too quiet.
Can you play it harder?

Strum the strings until they groan, humming, buzzing in tones unknown.
Hammer your callouses down on the frets, weaving chord sets
into motifs far beyond repair.
When the skin peels off your fingers, you cannot care.

Go on, hum along.
Belt out lyrics to the song.
Let your hands pluck at the metal,
Extracting a tune, not letting it settle,
Then pounding down, slamming on the steel
Like slamming down on car brakes.
This is the sound that music makes.

When you miss a fingering,
The misstep still lingering,
You'll freeze with silence.

It will echo and it will ring.

Have you found it now?
That one chord,
That harmony of vibrations

Show me,
Louder louder louder louder. By isabelc1011
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