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The America Civil war

No description

Bryant Heavrin

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of The America Civil war

The American Civil War Robert E Lee was a famous genaral
during the civil war. He was one of the famous
genrals of the CSA. His most sad battle was the battle of Gettesburg.He was was
buried in Strattford Hill. Ulysses S Grant Robert E Lee Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson Stonewall jackson was a genaral also in the CSA.His famous battle was the battle of Bull Run. Some of his millitary career stats include the Army of Norhtern Virginia under Robert E. Lee Ulyssess S Grant was
a genaral during the civil war who soon became the 18th president.Though he had a bad drinking and smoking problem he was a smart and clever leader.He ws best known for his acts of bravery at the battle f Gettusburg.He was at he bulding in front of Robert E Lee.When he surrendered the south. John Clem John Clem ran away when
he was 11. He did it to
become a Union drummer
boy.He became famous because
he was brave on the field and was
the first noncomitined officer in the
Edward Alexander He was a genaral of the CSA during
the civil war.He ordered 140 canons in
the bombthat prouced Pivckett's charge. James Stuart He was also a CSA
leader. He is known for his acts against
genaral Custer during a battle east of Getusburg. Irwin Mcdowell Irwin was a leader of the union.
In July he was attacked by CSA
soilders and he was defeated. It
turned out to be one of the starts of the First Battle of Bulll Run. Winfielid Scott He had many achivments
before the civil war
such as the Mexican-American.
His nickname was Old fuss and
feathers.He seved as the governor of
New Mexico.
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