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Social Media and Communications 101

Facebook and Twitter

Samantha Hersil

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Social Media and Communications 101

1. Showcase products.
2. Continue to maintain speedy customer service responses
3. Create socially engaging promotions and contest
4. Create new content
5. Create original pictures
6. Increase user generated content
7. Increase millennial followers and involvement
8. Continue to explore google+

Schwinn Social Media
Era of Emotion
Era of Kinship
Welcome to the Party
and the Convention
Social Media Channels
The Website: Schwinnbikes.com
Schwinn's Social Goals
A Personified Image
an invitation to look under the hood
Show what differentiates us from the competition
Opportunity to engage
Customer support
Feedback on products and service
Discussion threads
Possibility for executives to engage directly with the consumer.
Social Media is like a cocktail party.
Making connections that count
Building relationships take time.
Trust and reputation
Forge relationships with mutual 'business' benefits.

Channels are just like different languages that can be mastered, but it is the
that matters.

Have Depth
Show Altruism
Be a Friend
They want a
Personified Brand

Builds credibility and trust.
Drives traffic to the Website.
Cost effective - social media
online and offline coverage.
3rd most popular social media site
Wish lists
A way to relax & connect
An internet book marker
Real time
Gather recommendations
New Feed - it's like post it notes
Keep up to date on friends, families, brands, entertainers
Self Presentation
Social media is
digital media:
Smart phones = social 24/7.
Self distraction.
a social aspect to media.
Marketing is now a 365 day campaign
93% of marketers use social media for Business:
The Competitors
Specialized: 157,469
Trek: 120,712
Raleigh: 4,759
Electra: 4,355
Huffy: 48
Athletic Focus
Lifestyle Focus
Schwinn Bikes on Twitter
What we do:
Customer service
Event activation
Media/PR tool
Join conversations
Share content
Drive to blog articles
How can you help?
Set up a personal twitter account
Follow us @RideSchwinn
When you talk about Schwinn include us
Take pictures that relate to Schwinn
Include: @RideSchwinn
The competitors
Athlete Focus
Lifestyle Focus
Trek: 622,533
Specialized: 457,747
Raleigh: 22,603
Huffy: 67,975
Electra: 28,512
Our Stats:
Followers: 5,044
Ride Schwinn on Facebook
Followers: 114,994
What we do:

Customer service
Post Blog articles
Contest and Giveaways
Success in posting pictures
Communicate with other brands and customers
Follow 'Like' us on Facebook at Ride Schwinn
Engage in discussion with other followers
Share information
Get Involved!
The Competitors
Schwinn Bikes on instagram
What we do:
Take visually appealing pictures of bikes
Write engaging copy
Like other people's Schwinn bikes
Receive pictures "taken of us"
Followers: 528
Get Creative, Take Pictures!
Set up an Instagram account
Follow schwinnbikes
Like and comment on our photos
Tag us in photos you take of Schwinn bikes
Use @schwinnbikes
The Competitors
Scwhinn On Pinterest
Customers want their brands to:
Athlete Focus
Lifestyle Focus
Specialized: 77,733
Trek: 43,916
Raleigh: 614
Electra: 1,285
Huffy: Not there yet
Athlete Focused
Lifestyle Focused
Specialized: 10,427
Trek: Multiple IBD accounts
Florida: 204
Cincinnati: 83
Raleigh: 51
Electra: Not there
Huffy: Not there
What we do:
Food recipes for 'refuel'
Inspirational quotes
Places to go bike
Bike Art
Pin images on our boards:
Schwinn Legacy - old and new Schwinns
Schwinn lifestyle
Schwinn throwback ads and signs
Fitness information
Bike themed housing decorations
Fashion and accessories
Start Pinning
Set up a pinterest account.
Download the app for pinning on the go
Follow us by searching for Schwinn
Upload pictures of your Schwinn
#hashtag it! #schwinn
Re-pin Schwinn's pictures
"Send Pinner"
Create a Schwinn board
The Competition
Athletic Focus
Lifestyle focus
Specialized: 752 videos
Trek: 119 videos
Raleigh: No Presence
Electra: No Presence
Huffy: No Presence
35 videos
Describe our products
Fun videos
What we do:
Goal: Two posts a week.
Feeds to social outposts/drives traffic back to our website instead of others.
Products, Tips for Recreational Cyclists, Contest Promotions, Consumer Stories, Partnerships, IBD Dealer Profile, Events, HOH…
Benefits of Blogging:
Improve Search Results
Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo reward sites that contain fresh, relevant content. By adding a blog to our website, we are increasing our ability to be found online.
Fresh content helps boost our ranking in search, and a blog is a terrific way to consistently publish new content.
Personifying our Brand
What makes your brand different from the competitors?
A blog can add a relevant and authentic persona to a brand.
The Competition
Specialized: No official blog -
Iamspecialized: news, video, articles, photos, athletes.
Trek: 2 Blogs:
Trek VP Joe V. - Since May 2013
Trek President John - Since April 2012
Raleigh: Since August 2013
Electra: Since September 2013
Huffy: 4 bloggers - Moms on Bikes...
Yes, They Blog
What we do:
Several thousand monthly views with no cross promotion yet
Most Viewed Article: 600+
Views from 58 Countries
How can you help?
Suggest products, events, etc. to highlight.
Coauthor: if you don't want to write a blog by yourself we can collaborate
Guest blog: Want to write? Have Something to share? Please do!
Pick up a Pen!
Promoting Our Partners
Selling Products
Our competitors are already there:
200 million active users
70% log in at least once a day
35% check multiple times a day
20 billion photos shared since it launched
60 million photos shared daily!
Launched October 2010
Primarily a Smart
Phone App

1.23 billion monthly
757 million daily active users
680,million mobile users
4.5 billion likes per day
The average user spends 8.3 hours per month on Facebook.
241 million monthly active users
100 million active daily
76% access twitter by mobile
70 million users
80% are women
75% of daily traffic is mobile
500,000 are businesses
20% use it as a social referral to commerce sites
Pinterest shoppers spend an average of $140-$180 per order
What is it?
World's largest video-sharing site
#2 search engine
4 billion views a day
1 billion mobile views on average per day
The Wildcard
Predicted to take off in the next two years:
ahead of the growing trend in social media use?
an information collection approach to social
Benefits of increased Search Rankings
300 million monthly
users (540 active not in the stream)
48% of Fortunes Global 100 are already on it
The Competition
Specialized: 9,220
Trek: 5,502
Raleigh: Not There
Electra: 379
Huffy: Not There
Followers: 32
Views: 5,329
The most popular age demographic on YouTube is 18 to 29.
Youtube reaches this demographic more than any cable network in the U.S
Earned Media!
Subscribers, automatically notified of new videos.
Orabrush case
Branded Entertainment
(Marblo Man)
How It's Used
1 in 4 people say that they use social media sites to inform their purchasing decisions.
Ability to 'listen directly to the customer
Use it to create product
Customer service
An online foundation for our brand's image, personality and prospective customer engagement outlet.
Most talked about topic on Facebook in 2013 globally: Pope Francis
Launched in March 2010
Growing platform
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