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natural resources 6th grade

No description

April Farr

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of natural resources 6th grade

How People Use
Natural Resources C30-C35 Main idea: Some of Earth's resources are
reusable, some are renewable, and some are non-renewable. Reusable Resources- Name some reusable resources resources that are replaceable within a human life span. water, carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen are reused in natural cycles.
recycled items are a reusable resource; like paper, aluminum, and glass. Resources that can be used again. Renewable Resources- What is the difference between a reusable and renewable resource? We can use the matter in reusable resources repeatedly, in one form or another, but the matter in a renewable resource is gone once we use it. Nonrenewable resources- Resources that are not replaceable with in a human life span. Renewable and non-renewable renewable resources non-renewable
resources both are used up once
we use them. can be replaced
within a person's
lifetime. cannot be replaced within a person's lifetime. example;
fossil fuels, soil,
groundwater, and
minerals examples;
trees, wheat crop, herds
of cattle, and many
agricultural products. main idea: Humans have altered the environment, but they can also find ways to reduce their impact on the environment. Give some examples of how people have changed the environment. mining, farming, cutting forests, using up resources such as water and fossil fuels, causing pollution. Conservation is the saving of resources that helps prevent damage to the environment. It also helps make sure that resources will not be used up. What are some good ways to conserve resources? Reduce consumption
Use alternative resources Preservation Animals and plants in preservation areas are protected from hunting and other harmful activities of people. How is preservation different from conservation? Preservation is saving resources by setting them aside and not using them. Conservation is planned use of resources that can be recycled, reused, or used in lesser amounts. Problems Causes Solutions Global Warming burning of
fossil fuels alternative energy sources What causes is common to nearly every ecological problem? Human Activity Why does everyone need to be involved in finding solutions? If everyone contributes ideas and actions, the work for each person is reduced; and it will be easier to maintain a clean environment. High CO2 levels Acid Rain
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