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Keeping Fishing Nets

We hope you like it!!!!!!!!!!!

Brody LeRoy

on 10 February 2017

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Transcript of Keeping Fishing Nets

Reason Three
People are making stronger, more durable, and safer types of nets like the one below.
Using fishing nets is a easier and faster way for the fisherman to catch fish. If we get more fish at a time, The prices for the fish will go down so people can afford it.
Keeping Fishing Nets
Reason Four
Commercial fisherman need the nets to feed the public.
By: Brody LeRoy & Anton Temple
on One
If you band fishing net sea food prices will go up,sea food restraint may shut down and people will lose jobs.

Reason Five
The fisher men need to make money and if they use nets they will catch more fish ,and if they make more money they can buy batter nets.
The end
I hop you like are prezi.
Reason two
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