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Copy of SMSK Getting Started

Watch this short presentation to learn how to get started with providing oral health programs in schools

Grace Linn

on 28 May 2017

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Transcript of Copy of SMSK Getting Started

Hygienist, health provider, school nurse, teacher, parent, or other stakeholder who wants preventive oral health services offered to students at school.
Access and download tools at
Create a business plan
using the
SMSK Developing
a Business Plan
Use the
SMSK Feasibility Calculator
estimate revenue and expenses for school(s) you plan to engage with.
Use this information to help
“sell” your proposed program.

Connect with potential stakeholders
and supporters such as local dental or hygienist associations, school boards,
school staff, PTA’s, local businesses,
and health care and human
services providers.
Secure needed equipment and supplies,
such as:
Slow speed drill
Water source
Tablet or laptop
Power source
Contact key staff (e.g., principal, school nurse,
PTA, etc.) at the school to discuss and confirm program and school information, including:

Internet access

OSHA and safety protocols

Ask to see any OSHA or
safety policies and
procedures the school
has so that you
understand how to
respond if something
occurs during your visit(s).
Distribute and collect key documents:

Information fliers for school
staff and parents

School agreements

Consent forms

HIPAA forms

Providers should have HIPAA forms completed for students served.
Complete the “SMSK User Application.”

The program’s lead contact should go to

A user name and password will be provided
once approved (
allow five business days
The lead contact can then set up other users
for his/her program.

Before scheduled visit(s), use the
SMSK Data Collection Tool

to add:

Events to the calendar

Detailed information about
schools and students

Provide oral health services to enrolled
students. Use the
SMSK Data Collection Tool

to enter student oral health visit and/or
retention check data.

As records are saved, data will automatically
upload to the state database. Print and
send “report cards” of a student's screening
results to his/her parents.

Bring backup paper copies
of the data collection tool in case
there is an unexpected technology challenge, such as an internet connection problem.
Operator light
Curing light
Portable printer
Clinic supplies (gloves, cotton rolls, fluoride varnish, etc.)
Get Started &
Offer Oral Health Programs in Schools
Good job! You have made a difference by improving the
health and academic success
of Colorado students.

If you are a provider, do you have a Medicaid Provider number so that you can bill for services? If not, you need to enroll!

Contact Us!
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