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Disney Marathon

Tara's Disney World Adventures!

Tara Gloyna

on 26 January 2013

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Transcript of Disney Marathon

The Adventure Begins Antelope! Animal Kingdom Lodge-
view from the room! Packet pick-up at ESPN Sports World Text to Andrew-
I'M HIDING SOMETHING... Disney Marathon Weekend
2013 Smelly! Everyone thinks I'm running the marathon... but I wanted to surprise Andrew... because he's running his first half marathon... Surprise! I'm doing the half too! 13.1 miles
Saturday 26.2 miles Sunday It's the Goofy Challenge!! Andrew's Half Marathon Costume He did this all by himself! It's Donald Duck Half Marathon Time! Saturday Schedule:
2:30 am- Alarms go off
2:47 am- Roll out of bed
3:02 am- Last minute costume check
3:08 am- Bus loading
3:08 am- Andrew is an instant hero
3:09 am - Everyone wants to take pictures of Andrew in costume Pre-Race Warm Ups Catching up on life... Do I actually have to pee or is it just nervous pee? Magic Kingdom Detail Epcot Detail I'm fast! Sweat is liquid awesome! Andrew finished too... Hollywood Studios! Check out the bling! Now on to Epcot We walked everywhere Pasta Party in the Park
(time to carb load for the marathon!) She's shorter than I remember They're too old for this Ran past these flowers...will run past them again (6 minutes slower than Tara) It's marathon time! I'm a princess! Tiara!!! Welcome back to the
Magic Kingdom Magic Kingdom Detail Animal Kingdom Detail ESPN Sports Detail Only 9 miles left! I saw her 4 times and told her I loved the sign each time... no longer strangers!! Marathon bling Goofy-Challenge bling Disney's Hollywood Studios
Detail Now it's REALLY If I had to choose, I would still most likely choose Tara Actual quote Beast RAWR! Magic Kingdom (2:30 am...again) EXTRA MAGIC HOURS FROM 9 TO 11PM AT MAGIC KINGDOM...

WE LEFT AT 10:30...


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