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Mission to Haiti

fundraising efforts for relief work with Haitian children

krista thomson

on 17 August 2012

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Transcript of Mission to Haiti

God's calling growing stronger in all our lives. Haitians hungry for Salvation Mission trip details
prayer Spiritual focus has been on generosity and getting
outside the box
The recent loss of dear friends kindles an urgency to listen and obey God today
Reach out to the lost and dying world
Look and see where God's at work and join Him World in crisis - where to start
overwhelmed by extreme need Ryan Epps Home for Children
Michaud, Haiti Local Distributor
Low cost
Light for Travel
Share with entire community of Michaud World in dispair
World needs Gods love
We are called to be hands and feet
We are called to be God's love.
Look for God at work Trip dates are July 6-13. I will meet with the team in Haiti as they are coming from NC. The agenda includes: Vacation Bible School for the orphans as well as the other children in the community of Michaud, drywall and painting in the interior of the completed buildings and distribution of goats, raised at the orphanage, to the community for milk and food. I hope to include a suitcase of Breedlove food as well. Total cost for the trip is $1,800.00 this will include shots, roundtrip airfare, fees, accomodations and meals as well as provide funds to purchase and travel with an entire suitcase of Breedlove food to share with the community of Michaud. The Orphanage was inspired by God through a very unexpected source. A Sunday School teacher from Horne Memorial Methodist Church in Clayton, NC. Helen Little always loved children, as a teenager she dreamed of becoming a school teacher , unfortunately her family could not afford to send young Helen to school. She never stopped trying to help children and little did she know God had big plans for her life. She became a Sunday school teacher and met a young boy named Ryan Epps. Ryan truly had a heart for God and a true love for humanity, especially children. He and Helen shared a mission dream, tragically Ryan died at 18 before he could see his dreams of missionary work come to fruition. With God's direction and the support of the NC Methodist Conference Helen has kept her and Ryans dreams alive. She has organized and helped dig countless wells to provide fresh water, she has built churches where there were none and an eager audience, and even built schools for children in desperate need of education and a brighter future. God wasnt done with Helen...He used her to inspire an orphanage, a safe place for children facing hideous demons and all kinds of evil everyday, a sanctuary. When the decision was made to build the orphanage and land had been aquired it seemed only fitting to name it after Ryan.
They began the Ryan Epps Home for Children prior to the 2010 earthquake but suffered great set backs due to damages cause by the tragedy. Since then supporters have rallied and they have managed to repair the damaged security wall and build 3 new buildings. There is still much to be done and that's where we come in. Mackerson Taishna Erve Boiveline Stevenson All the children Orlane Jenny Beareau Wilguens Wade Bryant Douly Tamara Future plans Community awareness
Create future teams
Change lives at home and abroad
Unite our local churches
Enlist help and support from civic organizations
Keep our eyes on Christ
Go team Haiti!!!! When these photos were taken there were 12 children with divers stories, all having lost one or both parents, all in grave danger with no intervention, living in REHC .
Since then two more children have been able to be accepted. The goal at the end of all the phases of construction is to care for 40 + children. There is a Director, a Haitian man, named Yvon, and his family, and two caretakers. Teams from the Methodist conference in NC make regular trips for building, preaching, teaching, and sharing God's love with a people so open to receive it.
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