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2018-2019 Room Selection Guide

No description

Housing Services

on 6 June 2018

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Transcript of 2018-2019 Room Selection Guide

Room Selection takes places in MyHousing, accessed via Cardinal Students.
To enter MyHousing, simply log into Cardinal Students with your username and password, and select Student
Self-Service under Main Menu.
A few last things
Like your meal plan.
Step-by-step guide
Selecting Roommates
Things to note:
Selecting a Room
During the Room Selection process, the person from your roommate group with the
lowest lottery number will be responsible
for selecting your group’s future assignments.

The lottery start times will be based on
Eastern Standard Time

and you can select your room from any computer that has internet access.
found in Student Self-Service.
select MyHousing
from the options
personal information is displayed here,
at the top of the MyHousing Overview page.
Lottery Number
and Selection Time are here too.
roommate information
will appear here. This area will show if roommate requests have been confirmed, or if they are still pending.
You cannot participate in room selection if you have any pending roommate requests.
There are some traditional single spaces in the lotteries, but most on-campus housing spaces are part of a suite or an apartment OR are a traditional double, triple, or quad room type.
Which means:
Most lottery participants will need to
build roommate groups.
Before your lottery
begins, you need to
request your roommate(s)
, depending on your room type preference.

: the number in your requested selection group needs to match the number of beds in that room or suite.
When do I build my group?
Ok, how many roommates do I need?
Traditional Single -
No Roommate
Traditional Double -
1 Roommate (me+1)
Traditional Triple -
2 Roommates (me+2)
Traditional Quad -
3 Roommates (me+3)
Centennial Village Suite -
3 Roommates* (me+3)
Millennium 3 person Suite –
2 Roommates* (me+2)
Millennium 3 Person Apt –
2 Roommates* (me+2)
Millennium 4 Person Apt –
3 Roommates*(me+3)
Millennium 5 Person Apt –
4 Roommate*(me+4)
Opus 5 Person Suite –
4 Roommates*(me+4)

You will
designate specific rooms
within the suite or apartment
after you have selected
your assignment.
Great, so how do I select my roommates?
Click on
Room Selection
Then on
Here, you will see any roommates you have already requested, and whether that request is pending (DOES NOT MATCH) or has been confirmed (MATCHES).
You can
First or Last Name.

in your search entries.

If your search yields only one result, the system will automatically send the request to that student.
Stacy Cardinal wants to be roommates with Robin Robbins. She can type in Robin's
first name or last name.
She enters that into the search field and clicks "
Begin Search"
MyHousing shows Stacy a list of the people in the lottery that match her search. Stacy then selects Robin's name to
a roommate request
Once Stacy selects Robin to be her roommate, MyHousing will send an email to Robin's cardinalmail.cua.edu account notifying Robin that Stacy has requested her as a roommate.

However, until Robin goes into MyHousing and also requests Stacy as a roommate, Stacy’s request will say “DOES NOT MATCH” under “Status.”
If you are
selecting more than one roommate
, and some of your roommates have yet to confirm you or each other you will see this message on your Roommates/Suitemates and opening screens.
You cannot participate in Room Selection until every roommate request within your selection group has been confirmed or removed.
If Stacy decides she does not want to be roommates with Robin, Billie or Cindy , this is done by
selecting the “Remove” button.
Once Stacy has removed her roommates, a
System Message will appear
confirming that the roommate request has been deleted.

Stacy can
now proceed in Room Selection
without a roommate request and in search of a single room
begin searching again.
Things to know
Room Selection Start Time
is determined by your lottery number. You can begin the Room Selection process at Your Start Time
For your convenience!
To begin the Room Selection process, navigate to
“Select a Room/Suite”
“Room Selection”
on the
left-hand navigation bar.
If you try to select a room before Your Room
Selection Start Time, the page will indicate that
it is not yet Your Room Selection Start Time.
you will see the message above

that states you are eligible to begin to
select a space.
Begin your search by clicking here.
Your selection is complete and you can view your final assignment your overview page.
You should
click on the “Back to Main Menu”
button to
select a dining plan
and review your future assignment and billing.
Ok, so what if I don't have a roommate?
Remember that your roommate group must match the size of the space you’re trying to fill, and that you can only choose rooms available to your class year and your gender.
No available rooms? Try searching

MyHousing would
display all available rooms that would match her roommate group size
of one.
Pretend our friend Stacy Cardinal has decided not to room together with her friends after all.
The room selection is not confirmed until each student in the group is assigned to a bed and the
“Submit My Room Selection” button
has been pressed.
Now Stacy and friends have one more step!
You should
figure out who is living where
within the suite
before the lottery
. Otherwise, while you are deciding who will live in each space another group may select the room and you would need to search for a new assignment.
Helpful Hint!
If you will be a Freshman or Sophomore next Fall you are required to have a dining plan, or if you would like to sign up for one,
choose “Select a New Dining Plan
” and then
press Continue>>
To choose a Dining Plan, Click on Dining here
*You will only see dining plans that you are eligible for.
*Residential Freshmen and Sophomores are required to have an All Access Plan.
*Dining Plan Rates are also displayed in the drop-down menu.
Choose your plan
press Submit My Dining Plan Selection>>
Helpful Hints!
Once you submit your Dining Plan selection you will be able to see it displayed on your Dining screen, along with your current dining plan.
You can
change your dining plan
here through the
Friday of the first week of classes
each semester.
Oh, and your billing.
Click More Tasks
here, to get to this screen.
Fall 2018 billing
will show here once you select a space and/or dining plan, but
these charges will not be posted on your student account in Cardinal Station until the summer
Still confused about something?
Call us at 202-319-5615, email us at cua-housing@cua.edu,
or stop by our office! We'd love to help!
Fall 2018
in the dropdown
Then click on Submit
This is when you can actually start selecting a room.
When Robin logs into MyHousing and requests Stacy Cardinal as her roommate, Stacy’s
MyHousing will change in two places
: her opening screen and her Roommate/Suitemate screen will both say “
” under “Status.”
When Robin Robbins also requests Stacy Lynn,
then they will be
"Fully Matched!"
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