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Read, Pair, Share

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Leslee McPeak

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Read, Pair, Share

Student Learning Objective - SWBAT answer the 5 W's to increase their comprehension when reading a text. Definition of Read, Pair, Share 1) Students READ independently

2) Students PAIR up with a partner to share their thoughts

3) Students decide on an answer to a question and SHARE with the class

- Adapted from the "Think, Pair, Share" strategy
- TWBAT explain the Read, Pair, Share strategy.

- TWBAT employ the Read, Pair, Share strategy. Teacher Learning Objectives Research says... - Gives students a chance to develop language skills.

- Provides a supportive and cooperative environment.

- Students obtain a deeper understanding of reading material.

- The social element offers a positive opportunity for verbal and social interaction.

From 50 Strategies for Teaching English Language Learners by Adrienne L. Herrell and Michael Jordan Conclusion We thought this was a very beneficial strategy to use for ELL and all students as it reinforces reading comprehension and we hope you will use this in your classroom! Mimi & Leslee Read, Pair, Share Student Language Objectives - SWBAT use the 5 W's to answer questions about a text.

-SWBAT use the 5 W's to share their thoughts about a text with a partner. What is Read, Pair, Share?
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