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The New York City Waterfront and 3D-Printing

A wonderful example of how Additive Manufacturing -or 3D printing as it is called now- can save NY almost $3 billion.

Carlos García Pando

on 18 January 2014

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Transcript of The New York City Waterfront and 3D-Printing

New York
has about
300 miles
of waterfront land

The city is trying to avoid spending billions of dollars to repair all the damaged piers.
The solution:
customized concrete shields to fix, reinforce and protect each of them, saving the city about
$2.9 billion
The pilings underneath many of the piers are wearing down and replacing them is expensive, and time consuming.
How to build them?
With a huge 3D printer from
How will they put them in place?
2. Air from float "A" is let out and the base of the pillar is brought into place.
3. Piece is placed in vertical and secured.
Floats are removed, inflated and
used again for next part
1. All floats are inflated and shield is brought in underneath pier. Each float's air volume can be individually adjusted
Is this just hype?
Are these just prototypes or end use, strong, additively manufactured parts?

Is this application worth?
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