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BTEC Year 12

No description

Alex Liddell

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of BTEC Year 12

BTEC Year 12
Unit 3-Assessing Risk in Sport

Legislation, legal factors and regulatory bodies
You must compare and contrast the influences that the three (legislation, legal factors & regulatory bodies) have on health and safety in sport. You do not have to compare and contrast specific ones such as the laws or the different acts, just how they influence health and safety in sport.
Legislation, legal factors and regulatory bodies
P2 Describe the legal factors and regulatory bodies that influence health and safety in sport, Legal factors:
Law (statutory, civil law, case law)
Loco parentis;
Duty of care
Higher duty of care
Regulatory Bodies
Legislation, legal factors and regulatory bodies
P1 Describe four legislative factors that influence health and safety in sport:

their purpose
their scope
any sanctions available
who enforces them


•Regulatory bodies ensure the safety of the people in a particular category. For example the FA only deals with the safety around football. Where as legislation tries to ensure safety in many areas. For example all sports stadiums not just football. Fire and safety in all places such as sports centres, stadiums etc. Legislation ensures everyone is treat fairly e.g disability.
• Both legislations (such as fire safety act, sports grounds act) and legal factors (duty of care, loco parentis) if not carried out correctly can lead to prosecution. For example if a sports ground did not have enough fire exits for the spectators and a fire broke out and people could not escape then the owner/manager would be prosecuted and held liable. This would be the same if a teacher took a group of students on a trip and did not do everything in their power to ensure the childs safety and an accident occurred then the teacher would be legally liable.

All three try to ensure the safety of people in sport. For example players, spectators, children and employees.
Learning Objectives
Learning Objectives
1. To understand the requirements to achieve M1 in relation to compare and contrast criteria of the assignment

2. To apply and share knowledge to complete worksheets in groups

3. To compose assignemnt with reference to M1 criteria
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