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Joe Louis

Presentation on Joe Louis

Adrian kardasz

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Joe Louis

Joe Louis By Adrian Kardasz Childhood, Jobs, and Education Major Life Events and Obstacles Early boxing Career Obstacles Major Life events and Interesting facts Education and Job ambitions lead to
boxing career The Effect Of Poverty Louis Parents Name and Nickname Places lived Time Period BackGround Joe Louis' full name was Joseph Louis Barrow
He was nicknamed The Brown Bomber. -Joe Louis was born on May 13th 1914 in Lafayette,
-He died on April 12th 1981 in Las Vegas, Nevada Joe was raised in Lafayette, Alabama.
He moved to Detroit in 1926 as a teenager.
After his career as a professional boxer
grew he relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada -Joe Louie's father was hospitalized
when he was two years old.
-Louie's mother ended up taking care
of eight children on her own because
of this and his fathers hospitalization
Joe's family lived his life in poverty. -Due to his mother being an African American woman she was not able to provide as much for her family. Since there was little money, Joe's family had to sleep three to a bed at time.
-Food was always scarce and they had
at time not eaten a thing. As a child Joe had not taken to school. He actually
disliked school. While he still attended school, he
took on odd jobs to help his family out. Joe took on
jobs like errand running and shoe shining with his brothers to help out as well. Although he had not gone through with his education he did have an ambition. Joe Louis wanted to have a stable career in cabinet making. To follow up with these ambitions Joe went to the Bronson Vocational School. In his free time he also took violin lessons. Outside of school Joe went to work at the River Rouge plant of the Ford Motor Company. Joe had to put up with racism in his early boxing career. He had put in hard work and determination to continue and become the boxer he was. Joe started off his professional career after winning the golden gloves as a light heavyweight champion. He had slowly scaled a heavyweight pyramid and won every match until he fought with Max Schmeling. Joe Louis faced his first professional loss to Max Schmeling. This loss was not only his first, but
also the most important loss he had ever faced in
June 19, 1936because Max Schmeling was a German boxerthat Hitler admired. He had been humiliated in this defeat like none other before. This had fueled an ambition for revenge to fix the one black spot in his career of fights Joe in his passion for revenge against Max Schmeling
came back to fight him and defeated him in two minutes
on June 22, 1938. For this win Joe had been admired by many Americans. African Americans and whites both admired him for not only a personal goal to win, but also a political one.
Joe Earned $4,677,992 over his boxing career. Out of all his earnings he only took home $1,199,000 because of
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