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Waffle House Vs. IHOP

No description

Larry Gleaves

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Waffle House Vs. IHOP

by Larry Gleaves WAFFLE HOUSE VS. IHOP What do you think? Lets talk about IHOP! What are your thoughts about these two restaurants? What are the things you like about these
restaurants? Which do you think is the best? Waffle House is better than IHOP AND THE WINNER IS.... One problem is that... IHOP has a unwelcoming atmosphere. Lets talk about IHOP Lets talk MORE about
Waffle House Lets Think About Something For A Second.. Which would you rather want for yourselves?? IHOP is known for there long waiting times for food. Lets talk about IHOP! Next problem.. Finally!.... IHOP's prices are pretty high with portions! But there is hope! Waffle House is here to help you!!! Let me tell you about Waffle House! Waffle House has a warming atmosphere. Let me tell you about
Waffle House!! Waffle House has great service time Waffle House's prices and portions are fair and cheap with high portion amounts!
They even have a dollar menu!! OR A place with an unwelcoming atmosphere...
A place with bad service..
A place with high prices.. A place with a warm, welcoming atmosphere..
A place with friendly and timely service..
A place with fair, cheap prices... They even have a
jukebox!! Now It is your turn YOU have to make the decision. vs GO SEE FOR YOURSELVES!! Dont Just go off of my word.. Waffle House
4788 Memorial Drive Decatur, GA IHOP
5170 Memorial Drive, Stone Mountain, GA My Experience I used to be in your shoes.
I used to be the biggest fan of IHOP
This was only because I had never been to Waffe House
Until this past summer
It changed my whole opinion for IHOP WAFFLE HOUSE
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