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Justin Brizuela

No description

Hull Elementary

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Justin Brizuela

Justin Brizuela, Barcon
Science is not that hard however the science fair was pretty hard since it was a big job and really had alot of things that required you to complete. were going to learn about body systems later on and im excited for that because body systems interest me however im not looking forward to be a doctor at all.
Social Studies
I have a A in social studies and its not that hard because its easy to learn if you're interested in social studies and pretty much we are learning about England and what they did in the war such things as the the Boston tea party and the Boston massacre and for the Boston tea party they threw out british tea in the ocean and in the Boston massacre they shot citizens because they were making them mad
Math is going okay for me, when we start new things I don't get it but after a while i start to get it and gets easier every time I go to math and tree maps are a recent thing i learned and now we are learning about mean median mode and range.
Picture of a Tree Map

Reading is easy and i can read fast with good expression. Where The Mountain Meets The Moon is a good book and its easy to read but a very big book.
My favorite special is General Music and it's also my main special. P.E. is fine most of the time but somethings are hard but im fine.
Writing isn't very hard but challenging and right now in writing i have a B or a A. Propaganda is pretty easy and has its perks and cons.
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