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on 3 November 2015

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Transcript of D1

Advantages of e-commerce
There are advantages of e-commerce and all provide a specific interest here are some of the advantages of e-commerce:
No more waiting
Easier to compare prices
Access to stores located across the country
Disadvantages of e-commerce
There are however some disadvantages of e-commerce:
The lack of human contact
Inability to experience the product before purchase
Lack of Human contact
Some people may just go to 'brick' stores because they enjoy interacting with people and they can develop a relationship with an employer within the retail store.
Easier to compare prices
There are also several shopping search engines and comparison shopping websites that help consumers locate the best prices. Not only this but you can also access websites which may have a special offer on or discounts which is another benefit of e-commerce.
Access to stores located across the country
This is another benefit especially for people who are not situated in major urban centres, this is an advantage not only for the customers but the businesses themselves.
No Waiting
For customers this is one of the biggest appeals of a company which has a 'brick and click' presence you can shop online without waiting for anything and for websites like Next you can also (if you know your size) set the search on websites to clothes that are your size.
D1 Evaluate the use of e-commerce in a 'brick and click' organization
Inability to experience the product before purchase
There are many products that consumers want to touch, feel and hear. Some customers need to see the product and get a feel of it before they purchase it. Some people believe that e-commerce takes away that luxury.
How the Advantages and Disadvantages affected a Organization
An example of a 'brick' company becoming 'brick' and 'click' is Tesco as in 2000 it was introduced to the public that food and other items that Tesco sell can now be ordered online and be delivered to your front door making them a e-commerce retailer business. Although Tesco had a very dominant presence before they became a brick and click organization they now have become one of the biggest British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer businesses. One of the disadvantages of an e-commerce business is the lack of human contact, however Tesco have retail stores along with an online presence so people can choose whether to go to the store or order the items online. Now as Tesco is a e-commerce business customers can look at their prices before they purchase their items meaning it is more convenient for the public to do their shopping. The aim of Tesco becoming a e-commerce business was for it to be 'The world's biggest online grocery retailer' Tesco's chief executive Terry Leahy also said that 'we intend to become the UK's No.1 e-commerce business. With Tescos online expansion their target market increased and their competitors were restricted to expanding their physical presence this was the case for ASDA. Tesco PLC made sure that their strategy paid off quickly with Tesco.com being the first UK grocery online shopping service to break even at the end of 2000 (Tesco Plc, 2000).
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