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New Bb Learn Assessment Features

For NAU ELC SILT October 2013

Dan Stoffel

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of New Bb Learn Assessment Features

What We'll Cover
Inline Grading
Students submit like they always have
Any file type may be submitted, but only the following will render for inline grading:
Word (.doc or .docx)
Powerpoint (.ppt or .pptx)
Excel (.xls or .xlsx)
PDF (.pdf)
Test Exceptions
Used for exceptions to existing options
Extra Time
Extended Availability (Makeup)
Additional Attempts
Test Results Settings
Determines what test results students will see, and when
Instructor does not have to return and edit options when availability ends
10-Minute Rule
Context-sensitive Help in Bb Learn
New Bb Learn Assessment Features
Dan Stoffel
Associate Director
e-Learning Center

Inline Grading
Test Exceptions
Test Results Settings
Test Access Logs
Questions & Where to Get Help

Instructors still access submissions from Needs Grading or the Full Grade Center
Submissions with a compatible file type will render for viewing and commenting
Several options exist for modifying the amount of screen space available
Add annotation to a paper so the student can get immediate contextual feedback
Add comments to a block of text, a point, or a rectangular area
Draw on the paper or use a "highlighter"
Remove comments by right-clicking and selecting Remove Annotation
Instructors may still download the original files one at a time, or all at once as a .zip file
Rubrics may be used for grading
Students may also download the annotated PDF, or may simply view the comments from the My Grades tool (assuming the column is visible to students)
Old method was inefficient
Make a copy of the original test
Deploy that test in the course
Add adaptive release so only the "exception" students will see it
Change the test options for those students
Deal with an extra grade column for each instance
Reset or remove all of these changes when the course is copied to a new semester
Test Access Logs
Test Exceptions are now available within Test Options
Select one or more students or groups for the exceptions...
...then simply add the exceptions!
All grades will end up in the original grade center column
Simply click the
red x
to delete an exception
Add different exceptions for different students
NOTE: An Availability Date exception will not work if "Do not allow students to start the Test if the due date has passed" is checked and the new availability date is past the due date!
Results Settings are available from Test Options
Two settings are available; many instructors will choose to make just the score available upon submission...
...then additional results may be seen once the testing period is over.
NOTE: The option to show results "After Attempts are graded" has been problematic; we do NOT recommend its use!
Access logs show detailed information about a student's test attempt.
Useful to troubleshoot a student's technical issues when taking a test.
May be helpful in demonstrating academic dishonesty. Example: A student who only takes an average of 7 seconds to answer each question on a 50-question multiple-choice test and scores 100%. He is either very, very smart (or lucky), or has seen the questions and answers before!
View the Access Log by selecting a student's attempt from the Grade Center
Click on Test Information to see detailed information about the attempt
Along with the basic information about the attempt's status, score, elapsed time and submission date, there is now an Access Log button
See exactly how much time it took the student to answer (save) each question
Where To Find More Help
Blackboard Website:
Support tab in Bb Learn
e-Learning Center Help Desk (instructors)
Student Technology Center (students)
Once you have added comments, you may download a PDF that includes your comments
Expand the Assignment Details to enter a grade
Submit to save the grade and move to the next submission
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