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huck finn map project

1st sem eng

Blake Smith

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of huck finn map project

Huck Finn's Map of Adventure Ep 1 St. Petersburg “The Widow Douglas she took me for her son, and allowed she would sivilize me"
Location: the banks of the Mississippi River in the state of Missouri.
Characters: Huckleberry Fin, Tom Sawyer, Aunt Polly, Widow Douglas, Moses, Jim
Summary Plot:

The boys start a gang on the night out called, “Tom Sawyer’s Gang”.
Tom and Huck play a trick on Jim one night.
Rumor of Huck’s father having died
The Tom’s “band of robbers” disband after having not robbed or murdered anybody
Huck gives the judge his fortune when he recognizes his father’s boot tracks nearby
Pap materializes in wait for Huck in Huck’s bedroom one night

Conflict: A body was found in the river and it was believed to be Huck’s dad. However, the face is unrecognizable, but as the chapters go by it turns out that he is not dead.
What Huck learns: He learned that society has a lot of rules and customs that which if not followed might bring a swift-correcting backhand.
Key Questions: What is expected from people in society?Why is it important to fit in and have approval of others? Ep 2 Cabin Fever "He kept me with him all the time, and I never got a chance to run off. We lived in that old cabin, and he always locked the door" Location: At first, Huck is born town the old cabin that Pap used to live.
Characters: Pap, Huck, Judge Thatcher, Miss Watson and Miss Douglas, and The New Judge and his Wife
summary plot: Huck gives the judge his money to hold on to. Father will sue for the money, but there are obstructions. Pap kidnaps Huck. Huck fakes death, after having been kept in captivity for more than two months, and runs away
conflict: Man vs. Money Man vs Himself. Father kidnaps son. Awakens from a drunken nap and chases Huck with a knife. Huck fakes his death and runs away. His loved ones give him a memorial
What did Huck learn: When he is kidnapped by his dad, he realizes it is a passive blessing because he does not have to conform to the rules and expectations of society.
important questions: Does one follow obvious and inevitably destructive instructions from an abusive father? Should Huck have killed his father in his sleep and stayed with his Miss Douglas and Miss Watson instead of faking his death and caused so much heart-ache? Characters: Jim and Huck
Brief plot overview:

The memorial for Huck was extensive to the point of expensive bread
Jim also runs away at the same time as Huck without the knowledge of Huck’s intentions
They raid a waived house boat
they find a dead man, but Jim has huck look away from the face(later known as huck's dad)
Huck decides to go ashore disguised as a girl to get information and finds a woman in a shack
He is investigated by a women with regards to the murder
At first he does not tell the truth because he wants to hide his identity however he is assured that he would not be turned in so he reveals himself as a farmer.

Conflict: Huck is still playing games on Jim. The two of them have to be careful of giving away their position. People suspect Jim to have kidnapped huck and taken up residence on Jackson island
What Huck learned: He has to coexist with Jim in harmony
Essential Questions: what should two exiles do now that they have broken away from their masters? Should they be risking their identities by going ashore? "but he said I must go in the dark and look sharp. Then he studied it over and said, couldn't I put on some of them old things and dress up like a girl? That was a good notion, too" Ep 4 Walter Scott “The two of them live pretty high, buying, stealing, or hunting food as they need it” Location: getting back from woman's cabin leaving jackson island they find the Walter Scott boat that was being robbed and later seeing the greats lights of St. Louis approaching the Ohio river
-conflict: passively killed the robbers even though they sent for help
-Characters: Woman and her husband, Jim and Huck, ferry watchman-Plot overview:
Huck and Jim intended to loot the boat. However, a third party was there first looting the boat so they decided not to loot the boat but rather stop the criminals from looting. They took the criminal's boat and sent the watchman to investigate,but they inevitably died on the boat. They sank the boat when they found their original boat.-What huck has learned: to feel for people other than himself which is why had a change of conscience and decided to stop the criminals.-Essential questions: What should have be done about the robbers? Should Jim have been on land when he could be spotted? Ep 5 The Grangerford's Animal House "Other places do seem so cramped up and smothery, but a raft don’t. You feel mighty free and easy and comfortable on a raft." - Location: outside of Cairo on the river and the grangerford's house
- Characters: the men searching for runaway slaves, shepherdsons, grangerfords, Buck, Bob, Tom, Charlotte, Sophia, colonel grangerford, Harney S.
- Plot overview:
Huck is still deciding whether to turn Jim over since he is in fact a slave despite the fact they have become good friends. Jim is actually Mrs. Lotus slave and is her property that is worth $800. If Huck does not turn Jim in, he is actually seen as a thief because he has stolen Jim as stolen property. This is the dilemma he has to deal with because he wants to do the right thing of turning something that does not belong to him but yet Jim is a person and Huck’s feeling towards slavery is changing. He decides to not turn Jim in and collects 50 dollars of pity money from men thinking he and "his family" have smallpox. The raft is struck by a steamboat and they dodge only to be split up and huck to be cornered by a pack of dogs. Huck is saved under the alias of George. He is invited to stay with them as long as he'd like to. Buck and a nineteen year old Grangerford are in a gunfight with the Shepherdsons and both Grangerfords die that of which Huck feels bad about and leaves with Jim who was following Huck after reviving the raft.
- Conflict: The two families are fighting for no apparent reason that they can remember.
- What did Huck learn: Hatred can be dangerous and ugly. Sometimes laughing is insensitive
essential questions: When one does not remember a cause of a fight they should let go any grudges. How should one filter what is inherited in terms of political views so that the new generation can choose their principles on their own? Ep 6 The "Royal" Duo "Call us Duke or Your Majesty.” -Location: enter back onto the river downstream in a random town they passed on the Ohio River
-Characters:Huck, Jim, Dauphin, and Duke-Plot overview:Huck and Jim find two men in an abandoned raft that were begging them to take them to their raft. Huck and Jim allowed them to be on their raft but quickly found out that they were conmen. The men revealed themselves as royalty but Huck and Jim quickly found out that they were liars but did not let them know that they knew they were liars. They act out plays and work in town a little
-Conflict: They are onto Huck and Jim
-What huck learned: To not reveal all the cards he has ie: that they know that the two are con men
-Essential questions: As seen from the beginning and when they made the leaflet advertising Jim arrest, the “royal” pairs pose an immediate threat; therefore, should Jim find a way to get rid of them? What if Huck and Jim revealed to the two men that they knew they were liars? Ep 7 So Much For Shakespeare "To be, or not to be" -Location: In a “one horse town” in Arkansas
-Characters: Huck, Duke, and dauphin and duke
-Plot overview:
They are floating on the boat whole day and practice different plays. They show up at the town where the “royal” pair post handbills about their plays and a drunk was killed in cold blood by a man named Sherburn. The town turns into a mob and decides to lynch Sherburn, but Sherburn turns them down with a rifle and delivers an accurate speech which depicts of the deplorable attitude of the town and its cowardice. Huck goes to see a circus which, in the end, shows that the world cannot decipher truth from freud. The “royals” rip off the whole town and make out with over $400.
-Conflict: Huck witnesses a father shot and killed in front of the man’s daughter
-What did Huck learn?: The people he encounter and the world around him are quite deceitful.-Essential questions: Were the people in the mob all for the cause of lynching or were they there for the show? Was it wrong for Sherburn to kill a defenseless drunk? *Dead Wilks Has The Money* "You Peter Wilks's brother! You're a fraud, that's what you are!" -Location: new town
-Characters:dauphin and the duike, Huck and Jim, Wilk’s sisters, Dr. Robinson-Plot:
Duke and Dauphin pretend to be Wilk’s brothers and inherit $6,000. Huck hides the money and tells Mary Jane to go to a friends house and await for the truth to reveal itself. The real Wilk’s brothers arrive. They went through some trials trying to tell who were the authentic brothers. Finally the money is found (in the coffin Huck hid it in) and in the excitement Huck escapes to the river only to see that dauphin and the duke are approaching them in a boat, but they make up.-Conflict: Dauphin and Duke use identity freud to inherit money and estate-What did Huck learn?: The two con men are dangerous-Essential questions: Should Huck have come clean about the identity theft sooner? What would have happened to the four of them in they did not make it out of town soon enough? Ep 9 Tom isn't Tom, but Huck is... "It was awful thoughts and awful words, but they was said. And I let them stay said; and never thought no more about reforming" -Location: new town
-Characters duke dauphin Jim Huck Tom Sawyer Silas Phelp Sally Phelp-Plot:
the duke and dauphin sell Jim and Huck deco ides to steal him back. Huck goes to the house where Jim is supposedly held and it turns out to be the uncle and aunt of Tom Sawyer. Huck says he is tom and tom says he is sid from Ohio. Jim tells Silas the show is a con and the town tar and feathers him and chase them out of town on a rail.-Conflict: Jim is sold-WDHL: One cannot have a consciousness bc it make you feel bad about yourself no matter what you do-Essential questions: Why did they only sell Jim when they could have also killed Huck? Should they have asked about Jim? Jim in the Barn Ep 10 Tom told me what his plan was, and I see in a minute it was worth fifteen of mine for style, and would make Jim just as free a man as mine would, and maybe get us all killed besides. -Location:same town
-Characters: Huck, Jim, Silas, Sid, Tom, Sally, Jim’s guard/keeper, and Doctor -Plot:
Tom and Sid devise a plan to free Jim, but the add different scenarios to make it more like the books because Toms idea was too simplistic. They take measure to put effort into Jim’s freeing. They accidentally infested the house with rats and snakes and write letters from fake bandits on how they are going to steal Jim. Farmers with guns collected outside the farm to protect Jim. The threesome escape to the raft, but Sid has a bullet in his leg. They seek a dr help and late is caught. Jim is set back in chains while Tom recovers. When Tom comes to he tells Aunt Sally everything and that Jim is a free man and their true identities. They get their money and go out to Indian Territory away from “sivilization”-Conflict: Jim was free the whole time-WDHL: Tom is good at watching people work while he tells them what to do-Question: Why did Jim not tell Huck that his dad was dead? Why did Tom not tell Huck that Jim was free earlier?
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