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Event Planning

No description

Carly Pascale

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Event Planning

2013 Spring Line Collection Presents it's Women Men Children Multiple Purposes Promote Zara's Spring Collection Increase awareness of Zara Have fun and entertain Zara's customers Garden Party
Theme Target Audience SWOT Analysis Strengths enthusiastic employees
knowledge of current trends
fashion show knowledge and experience
potential models Weaknesses limited knowledge of brand
no established fashion connections Opportunities make connections with local salons
increase clientele
potential free media coverage
expand relationships with other companies and sponsors Threats weather
public transportation
technical problems
lack of guests Competition
Baystate Bridal Expo, Hynes Convention Center (Jan. 19-20)
MA Home Show, Hynes Convention Center (Jan. 19-20)
Thursday "Fashionably Late" Event at The Liberty Hotel
Celtic’s Games, TD Garden (Friday January 18) Date: Saturday January 19 2013 Spring Awakening Hosted by InDesign Events
from the creative team - Carly Pascale, Bianca Reising, Ray Sciarretta,Libby Mouradjian, and Antonia Jimenez-Trail Venue Price of Venue The Langham Hotel
Esplanade Room 340 guests
$9,000 Staging &
Lighting Decorations Catering
(Variable Cost) Music Edible Arrangements
14 x $45 = $630 2:00pm-7:00pm
$515 Pro Sound DJ Rental
Includes: Speakers, stands, mixers, dual CD player, amp+mic 8 x 16 $20 x 340 = $6,800 Total Cost Budget Models $34,563.91 Security Tickets available at Zara.com Advertisement $25 Pre-Sale Tickets (one month in advance)
$40 at the door Passed Appetizers
Cash Bar Madison Flower Shop & Garden Center
$960 Skyy Sponsor 60 bottles
2 complementary drinks per guest Full Page Color Ad for 2 months Improper Bostonian $6,000 Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn G2O
Spa & Salon Hair & Make-up Print flyers from Staples 8.5 x 11 1,500 = $885 Break Even Analysis Improper Bostonian Full Page Color Ad
2 months Social Media #SpringAwakening Facebook Group & Public Event Zara, Skyy Vodka, G20, Maggie Inc Flyer Locations When to Advertise Social Media: Mid-November Improper Bostonian:
December to Mid-January In-Store Flyer: November 15, 2012 Other Costs Our Cost (InDesign) $3,621.38 (10%) Contingency $1,149.64 (5%) Photographer
& Blogger $2,000 Cash Flow Analysis DJ Contract Protocols Women's Attire Men's Attire Run Sheet Seating Entertainment Alcohol
Photography High Fashion/New Trends Models Behind the Scenes Restrooms Set Up Arrive: 8:30-9 AM Specify that we would like tables to be removed in advance. Clear room if necessary Dining Set Cleaning Crew Before, During, and After the show Set Up During Event Model Manager
Libby Technical Operation Manager
Ray InDesign
Event Corp Models on time
Backstage set up
Models are ready in a timely fashion during the show Provide tech support
Ensure outlets are in working order
Ensure sound systems are in working order Hospitality Manager
Bianca Catering
Decor Media liaison
Media releases Media Manager
Antonia Customer
Service Manager
Carly Presale tickets
Oversee ticket sales at door
Guest complaints
Speakers Blog Fashion
Blogger Hairdressers Style models hair
Bring necessary appliances
Have models ready in timely fashion
Touch up between changes Make Up Artists Make up models
Bring required materials
Have models ready in timely fashion
Touch up between changes Models Show up on time
Dress in required clothing
Cooperate with stylists
Walk catwalk Stylists Organize racks
Dress models
Change models quickly Wait Staff Set-up
Drink services
Food services
Cleaning Bartenders Set-up
Make drinks
Check ID's Chef Hot and Cold food
Passed Apps. Housekeeping Set-up
Cleaning Photographers DJ Set-up
Play appropriate music
Bring required materials
Demo Set-up
Bring required materials
Demo Security Check ID's
Escort designated guests to reserved seating
Escort unruly guests out of event Zara Associates Sell tickets
Take tickets 5 Security Guards maintaining order, crowd control, escort out unruly guests Security Measures $13/hr x 5= $520 Other Decorum Expenses Personalized Napkins:
$32/100 napkins X 6= $192 Dressing Room $2,400 for 8 make-up stations Larger posters and smaller signage at event
$60 Middle to upperclass
Age 25-35
Household Income $60-100,000
City Life $20
per person Maggie Inc. Total Fixed Cost $27,763.91 (fixed & variable) Newbury Street
Financial District
Zara locations
G20 Salon & Spa
Langham Hotel Front Entrance Arrival
at The Langham Media
Venue -liquor license/ catering
Stage & Lighting
DJ Contracts Dressing Room Supplies Decorations Food, Drinks, Music, Fashion! SPONSORS Come join us at Spring Awakening Fashion Show!
Thank you, any questions? Staging & Lighting $630.89 Madison Flower Shop
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