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The Causes and Effects of Sleeping during Class hours to the

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Hazel Ivy Macapagal

on 8 February 2014

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Transcript of The Causes and Effects of Sleeping during Class hours to the

Scope and Limitation
This study was conducted to know the causes and effects of sleeping during class hours. A survey will be conducted to 40 students of Saint Mary’s Academy of Jasaan from Grade 7-10 students, during the duration of the research. The subject/respondents will answer the possible reasons of a student sleeping during class hours. Interviews will be conducted to teachers who often witnessed students sleeping during their class, to know the academic status of the student, and to know their opinion about the topic especially the guidance counselor. The researchers will study on how to prevent sleepiness in school to help such kind of problem.

Significance of the Study
The significance of the study is to help in giving information to students on how to prevent this bad habit and warn the students on the effects of sleeping in school during class hours. This study may also help the students to improve their academic performance. The teachers can also get information from this study if they have questions about something that involves sleepiness, like for example if they wanted to know why their student sleeps during their class. To help them understand more about the attitude of that particular student and if they have to consider that student or not basing on this study particularly on the causes of sleepiness.
Results and Analysis
“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” A person must have an education- education to gain more knowledge and be trained to be a better person. Of course, we have to be an educated individual because today you will have difficulties in finding a job without an education. We are to be focused to our studies but as we can see students in today’s generation are drown to gadgets which distract them in their studies. Teenagers are addicted to games which made them sleep late at night.
This problem in school may seem lousy, but ignoring it may have some caused to a students’ academic performance and health. In this research, the researchers are taking their action to help every student in a simple way to achieve their dreams. If all students are to listen attentively to their teacher they could easily get the lesson.
This research aimed to know the reasons why there are students who sleep during class hours. The researchers also aimed to know the effects of sleeping during class hours to the students especially in their academics. The researchers observed that there are students who still sleep during class hours in Saint Mary’s Academy of Jasaan. A survey was conducted to answer the researchers observation, to 40 students of Saint Mary’s Academy of Jasaan from Grade 7 to Grade 10 students. Interviews were also conducted to teachers who often witnessed students sleeping during their class so that they can give the academic status of the student and to the school nurse to give advice on how to prevent sleepiness in school. Based on research, a student needs 8-9 hours of sleep. Perhaps the reasons of a student who sleeps during class are sleeping late at night, stress, health problems, bored in class or not interested in the topic. The students might not cope up with their lessons, and then get low grades. It can be prevented by sleeping early to complete the needed hours of sleep.

As what we can see today, students fall asleep during class which makes educators disturbed. One teacher said “How dare they put their heads down after I stayed up till midnight planning a lesson?!” Based on research, only about 8 percent of high school students get enough sleep on an average school night and probably 92 percent of high school students are sleeping late which makes them sleepy in class hours. In St. Mary’s Academy of Jasaan, students here fall asleep so we, the researchers conducted this to help those students to know the other reasons of why they feel sleepy besides from going to bed late so they could do something to it. Also, to make see it’s bad effect to them. Researchers aims to help students prevent being sleepy during class hours.
Statement of the Problem
The above mentioned problems serve as the motivation of the present study. Sleeping during class hours is discouraged to students. But as we observe, there are students who still sleep during class hours. So we research about the causes why they sleep or get sleepy and the effects of this bad habit.

The Causes and Effects of Sleeping during Class hours to the Students in Saint Mary’s Academy of Jasaan
The study therefore seeks to address the following questions
What are the reasons why students sleep during class?
What are the possible effects to student who sleeps in class?
How can we prevent being sleepy during class hours?
Figure 1.3 Reasons why students sleep during class hours

Figure 1.1 Students who are and aren’t sleeping during class hours.

Results and Analysis

Figure 1.2 Subjects in which students fall asleep

Researchers recommend that you should give more attention to the details. You could interview specialist, or other experts to know more why students sleep during class hours. Include other sicknesses that a student could get if they would sleep very late at night.
The findings revealed that there are many students sleeping during class hours in Saint Mary’s Academy of Jasaan. The reason with which the student answered the most is because they are tired, and the next is lack of sleep. These students are somewhat sleep deprived. The student is tired with all the activities that he/she did, and that student finds way to rest then without knowing he/she falls asleep. Lack of sleep is also one of the reasons that has been answered the most next to tired because some students are going to sleep late at night influenced by high-tech gadgets, busy doing other things such as making assignments, projects or by just merely texting, talking with someone in the phone, browsing the internet. Students should have time management in order for them to sleep early at night, they also need to have self-control from the things that they are doing. Parents should also monitor their children in their needs especially in their need to have a complete rest and that their child must sleep early at night.
Based in the survey, the subjects that have most number of students sleeping are major subjects. Students sometimes choose to sleep during major subjects because they bear into their minds that it is hard for them to understand and that because of boredom of the subject. In that case, students might not cope-up with the lessons and will likely to have low grades and can’t participate in class. One solution is that student should always open their eyes and ears always. There is also a need for the teacher to make their class lively to avoid boredom and sleepiness.
In short, students sleep during class hours because of sleep deprivation. It is not beneficial. It results to poor performance in school, having poor grades. Therefore, students should not sleep during class hours instead they need to prioritize sleep at night.
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