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Kim Mickle-Javelin

This is all about Kim Mickle, the world record holder for womens javelin. In here you will find out what is javelin, Kim's progression over time, interesting facts about her and her motto. You will also find lot's of pictures of her. Hope you like it

Caitlin M

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Kim Mickle-Javelin


Success is the journey, not the destination
Kim Mickle was born on the 28th December 1984 in Perth WA.She describes herself as a little Perth girl who likes to throw things. She is aiming to win gold at the 2016 olympics in Rio DeJaniro.
Facts about Kim Mickle
Javelin is where you have to throw a spear made out of either wood or metal as far as possible. The javelin spear is constructed in accordance with the specifications published by the International Association of Athletics Federation. It must be at least 260cm in length and it must weigh at least 800g.

After a short run up, the javelin must be thrown directly forwards with an over the shoulder motion into a 29 degree sector marked on the field. It must point land first. The thrower's body must not rotate a full turn before the javelin is released, he also can not step on or over the line at the end of the run way.

2001: 51.83 2002: 52.77
2005: 58.16 2006: 58.56
2007: 59.36 2008: 57.64
2009: 63.49 2010: 61.36
2011: 63.82 2012: 64.12
2013: 66.60 2014: 66.83

In 2014, Kim Mickle broke the world record for women's javelin with a whooping throw of 66.83m, beating the record holder, Louise Curry by just 3cm.
Childhood Ambition: To hold the Australian record for javelin and win gold at the olympics
Favourite Food: Sushi
Favourite Holiday Destination: Dunsborough WA
Favourite Music: Rock
Dream Car: One that works
Sports Hero: Kylie Wheeler
One thing I couldn't live without: Friends and family
Star sign: Capricorn
I would spend my last $10 on: Food
Best gift you've received: a street sign with KIM MICKLE on it
I began this sport:Little Athletics U7's because my friend sent me a letter in the post asking me to do it
Other sports: Soccor at state level at age 16
When I'm not training or competing I am: hanging out with friends
If I could try another olympic sport it would be:Every sport

Kim Mickle

Kim Mickle
What is javelin?
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