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Middle East CARC

No description

Marwan Atalla

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Middle East CARC

Ayla Aviation Academy CARC Our Vision
Ayla Aviation Academy’s vision is to be a global brand in aviation training.

Our Mission
Ayla Aviation Academy’s Mission is to provide the highest standards of flight training and education, in a safe, innovative and supportive environment; empowering its cadets, faculty and staff to achieve their maximum potential in the field of aviation. Diamond DA40
Single Engine aircraft
135 HP Lycoming Engine
Seats: 4
All glass cockpit & EFIS equipped Single Engine Fleet Computer based Training lab.
Flight Planning Room.
Smart Board Equipped.
Projector Equipped.
FNPT II Simulators. Ayla Facilities Certifications/Approvals
EASA (License)
CARC (License)
Aircraft-to-cadet ratio
Instructor-to-cadet ratio
Selection testing
First time pass rate(s)
Employment of Alumni

If you can… VISIT! STEP THREE: Important Things to Consider When Choosing a School The number of PILOTS forecasted for the Middle East region by Boeing over the next 20 years!!!

This is the equivalent to
5 pilots a day
7 days a week
Over 20 years

This means that there’s a pilot shortage, which is creating a high demand for pilots. 36,700 PILOTS EMPOWERED “We Train Future Leaders, not just Pilots!” Can I join the course if I wear glasses?

Are females accepted at Ayla?

Do you offer any financial assistance?

Is it true that pilots are always away
from home? FAQs Our sister academy in the UK– Atlantic Flight Training Class One Medical.
Flight Crew Assessment:
Talk to other cadets. STEP FOUR: Applying to Ayla Aviation Academy You must:
be at least 17 years of age.
be a high school graduate or equivalent.
have good command of English.
have a passion for aviation & enthusiasm for flying.

  STEP TWO: It’s Simple With Ayla Aviation Academy, flying is easy to learn,
accessible, and most importantly, safe.
STEP ONE: Making the Decision

The decision to become a pilot is a
massive consideration and should
not be taken lightly. This is because
the training schedule is extremely
involved and dedication is key. HOW TO BECOME A PILOT Transport Scheduler Airline and Airport Operation
Airline Ground Crew
Airline Sales and Service
Airplane Assembler
Airport Manager
Corporate Pilot
Research Pilot
Flight Safety Officer
Helicopter Pilot
Propulsion Engineer
Engineering Mission Planner
Space Studies
Transportation Ticket Agent Aeronautical Engineer
Aerospace Engineer
Aerospace Technology
Air Crew Officer
Air Force Officer
Air Traffic Controller
Aircraft Engine Specialist
Aircraft Maintenance
Airfield Operations Specialist
Avionics Technician
Aviation Scientist
Engineering Mission Planner
Flight Attendant
Flight Dispatcher Careers in Aviation A lot of pilots today are reaching retirement age, paving the way for a new generation of pilots to take over.
Different emerging regions that are witnessing a never before seen surge in aviation (Latin America, South East Asia, China, India, etc…)
Rise in the numbers of low cost carriers around the world, thus enabling more people to travel more frequently.
Less pilots today are trained through the air force and military due to budget cuts and restraints.
The Middle East emerging as a super hub for aviation. Why the High Demand for Pilots? “For once you have tasted flight, you will walk the
earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there
you have been and there you will long to return.”
~ Leonardo Da Vinci

It’s the office with the perfect view.
Pilots are usually considered citizens of the world.
You’ll be shopping for clothes in Milan, buying your fruits from Bangkok, and having dinner with friends in Sydney!
Not to mention great job opportunities, swift promotions, and lots of travel benefits! Why Become a Pilot?
Ayla Aviation Academy and Atlantic Flight Training are state of the art sister flight schools based in Aqaba, Jordan and Coventry, UK. Who Are We? Hot Air Balloon Ride Trip to Wadi Mujib Boat Trip ALSIM AL200 – DA42 (2)
Enhance fidelity to compliment aircraft fleet Simulator Fleet ALSIM ALX (1)
Enhance fidelity to compliment aircraft fleet Multi Engine Fleet Diamond DA42
Twin Engine aircraft
Thielert 2.0 engines
All Glass Cockpit Cafeteria Student Lounge Gym For more info, please contact us at info@aylaaviation.com or +962-79-901-511 7 Alumni Course Bravo Course Alpha –Royal Jordanian Course Charlie Gulf Air Bridge Course Oman Air Bridge Course (II) Oman Air Bridge Course (I) Alumni Student Activities Housekeeping
Satellite TV
Transportation to & from the Academy 2 Bedroom, 2 bathroom units
2 cadets per unit Accommodation Good Airports/Location.
Diverse students and staff.
Modern fleet of Diamond aircrafts.
State of the art training facility.
EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) approved flight training organization.
Fully furnished housing units.
Extracurricular activities. Why Ayla? Flight Instructor Training Private Pilots Licence Integrated Pilot Programme JAA ATPL Theoretical Knowledge Airline Cadetship From Flight Training to
Commercial Aviation Interview Board Airline Cadetship JAA ATPL Theoretical Knowledge Integrated Pilot Programme Private Pilots Licence Flight Instructor Training
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